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Report29 March 2023

Wdi preview
WDI 2022: Trends and Insights

For the sixth consecutive year, ShareAction’s survey of the world’s leading companies has forensically revealed the trends of how these companies respond to the needs of their workforces and supply chains.

Briefing22 March 2023

Barclays energy policy preview
Analysis of Barclays' February 2023 energy policy

Barclays published a new energy policy (its “Climate Change Statement”) on 15 February 2023 for the first time in three years. This briefing identifies key changes that were made to the bank’s policy, and how these compare to policies adopted by Barclays’ direct peers and by leading practice identified in the European banking sector.

Report22 March 2023

Credit Suisse Pic
Credit Suisse Say On Climate assessment

UBS’s acquisition of Credit Suisse raises questions about which climate policies will be adopted by the newly formed entity, and how UBS’s climate risks and impacts might change. This report acts as an appendix to our assessment of UBS’s climate plan. We assess the Say on Climate plan Credit Suisse had planned to put to a vote at its 2023 AGM before the merger.

Report22 March 2023

UBS Say On Climate assessment

UBS is giving shareholders a vote on its sustainability report, which includes a copy of the bank’s first climate transition plan, at its 2023 AGM on 5 April 2023. ShareAction recommends voting against the climate strategy. An important caveat of our assessment is that it reflects the bank’s position prior to its acquisition of Credit Suisse and is accurate up until this point. We urge investors to use this report alongside our assessment of Credit Suisse’s climate strategy to get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and call on UBS to make climate action a core pillar of the newly merged entity.

Rankings / Surveys27 February 2023

Point of No Returns 2023: Part I – Ranking and General Findings

Ranking 77 of the world’s largest asset managers’ approaches to responsible investment

Rankings / Surveys06 January 2023

Share Action CRIN 2023 cover
Voting Matters 2022

Are asset managers using their proxy votes for action on environmental and social issues?

Rankings / Surveys08 December 2022

Banks cover
In Debt to the Planet

An assessment of the 25 largest European banks’ biodiversity and climate strategies

Briefing22 November 2022

Chemicals preview
Aligning with 1.5C A benchmark for the chemical sector

Global warming must be held at 1.5°C to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, which are already being disproportionately felt by the world’s poorest communities. The chemical sector, which is responsible for over 6 per cent of global emissions, must act rapidly to achieve this goal. ShareAction has produced a benchmark that sets clear, measurable and evidence-based standards for chemical companies that are truly aligned with the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. Investors should use the benchmark to assess whether the companies they hold are truly 1.5°C aligned, and engage with them where they fall short.

Report10 November 2022

HM preview
Healthy Markets progress update 2022

In the last three years, the Healthy Markets investor coalition, convened by ShareAction, have made huge strides to improve food industry practices in the UK with the goal of improving the nation’s health and child health in particular. In this report, we present the results and impacts to date of the Healthy Markets investor coalition. We also set out how the Healthy Markets Initiative will be integrated into ShareAction’s new global health programme – Long-term Investors in People’s Health (LIPH).

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