How does your pension provider rank?

We will be launching our next ranking of the largest UK automatic enrolment pension providers on 9 June 2018. This year, we ranked them on their responsible investment performance and their communications with members. With 9 million new savers in the UK – most with these 10 providers – good communications is key to engagement.

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About ShareAction

Our vision is a world where ordinary savers and institutional investors work together to ensure our communities and environment are safe and sustainable for all.

Our mission is to unleash the positive potential of the mainstream investment system.

To do this:

We’re building a movement for change in our investment system by working with people inside and outside the industry to challenge the status quo;

We’re unlocking the positive potential of the investment system by working with large and small investors to change unsustainable corporate practices;

We’re reforming the investment system by advocating for change in the policies, governance, and incentives that drive behaviours in the investment industry.

What is responsible investment?

Responsible investment is an investment strategy which seeks to generate both financial and sustainable value. It consists of a strategy that takes environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into account when undertaking analysis and making financial decisions. A responsible approach to investment recognises that long-term prosperity requires a move away from short-term profit as the only definition of value.

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Shell activist

The Shell AGM: A 5.1% Wedge to Create a Space for Change

By Jeanne Martin, Senior Campaigns Officer Last November, Dutch investor group Follow This filed a shareholder resolution, of which ShareAction was a proud co-filer, at Shell. The shareholder resolution had a single and simple ask: that Shell, soon-to-be the world’s largest oil company, sets emissions targets in line with the goals of the Paris climate agreement.  


  • ShareAction gets tangible results thanks to inspirational leadership and a talented, passionate team. They are making a real difference and there’s not many that can say that nowadays.

    Daniel Godfrey, Independent Director and consultant
  • [The RE100 campaign] is a magnificent campaign. ShareAction has a track record of making big change happen by working with shareholders to persuade the world’s largest companies to behave differently.

    Ben Goldsmith, CEO, Menhaden Capital
  • Thank you for ShareAction’s positive comments on the guidance for the DC Code. Much of your very helpful thinking around ESG and stewardship was agreed by the Regulator and subsequently included.

    David Farrar, Policy Adviser, DWP
  • There’s a real buzz in the room when you bring together a group of passionate people motivated by a shared urgency for change. That’s exactly what we had at the RI in Europe conference.

    Kevin Chuah, former fund manager
  • Year on year, ShareAction continues to contribute a crucial voice to the responsible investment debate. They help empower members […] and support them in holding their schemes to account.

    Paul Todd, NEST pension scheme
  • I feel that raising issues in this way allows the wider body of shareholders to hear issues that they may not have otherwise considered. It also ensures that the board have to respond to questions raised.

    Diana Boyles, AGM Activist

If you would like to hear more about the movement ShareAction is building, or ask us any questions please get in touch using the link below. You can also reach us directly on or +44 (0)20 7403 7800.

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