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Harnessing the power of investment.

We work to build a world where the financial system serves our planet and its people.

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Investment decisions made today build the world of tomorrow. Right now those decisions are harming our planet and its people.

We work to define the highest standards for responsible investment and to drive change until these standards are adopted worldwide. In doing so, we aim to harness the power of the financial system to tackle the biggest environmental and social challenges we face.

ShareAction is supporting the investment community with a series of guidance papers that set out Responsible Investment Standards & Expectations (RISE) across specific topics. Grounded in detailed research, we will recommend actions that asset managers can – and should – take in today’s investment environment to work towards being a truly responsible investor.

We work by...

Unlocking the power of investors

We benchmark and engage with investors to harness the power of investment for social and environmental progress.

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Reforming the rules

We work with policy makers and regulators to drive the uptake of responsible investment across the UK and globally.

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Building a movement

We educate and empower individuals on how they can use their money to build the future they want.

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ShareAction has become the premier organisation to give voice to those who wish to invest values as well as their assets.

Al Gore

Former Vice President of the USA (speaking at ShareAction’s annual Guest Lecture, March 2013)


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Tackling the greatest challenges we face

We work across the biggest environmental and social issues we face today, aiming to drive change at the heart of the global economy and secure a fairer, brighter future for our planet and its people.

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