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Our money can change everything

Our money builds the world around us. Today, this is a world of climate crisis, inequality and poverty. From our personal savings to our pensions, we put money aside for the future, whether it’s for next year’s holiday, a home or our retirement. But this money doesn’t just sit in a vault.

It's invested in companies by pension funds and other financial institutions – and their values don’t always align with yours. You could be indirectly investing in fossil fuel companies or those involved in human rights abuses. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Your money can be a powerful tool for positive change.

What world is your money building?

Together we can build a better world

Our money has massive collective power. The total value of our pensions in the UK is £2.6 trillion – that’s more than enough to pay for everything produced in the UK over a whole year. Globally, the money invested through pensions accounts for half of all the invested money in the world.

Those managing your money can choose to invest in companies that are doing good – fueling environmental and social progress. And they can move money out of companies doing harm, like tobacco or fossil fuels. But, most impactfully, as their owners, they can also influence companies' actions. They can ask questions, vote on company matters, and file shareholder resolutions to force companies to act. This can have a huge impact in getting the biggest companies to do better and drive positive change for people and the planet.

How we’re building a movement

Co-file a resolution

With just one share in a company, you have the power to challenge them to do better. Join us and other investors to submit clear asks to companies to take action, on issues like the living wage or fossil fuel investment.

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AGM activism

Become a shareholder for a day and challenge companies to do better. We hold shares in some of the biggest companies, and each year our AGM activists go to their AGMs to ask questions over issues like climate change and workers’ rights.

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Pension power

You should have a say in where your money is invested. Find out more about your pension, and how to use your pension power to tackle environmental destruction and social inequality.

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