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Briefing10 November 2022

Ooh cover
Putting health back on the menu: assessing the out of home sector on health and nutrition

The out of home sector has become more influential in shaping people’s eating habits, yet disclosure on nutrition and health is poor. Investors do not have the critical information to assess how different companies are managing risks in this area. This briefing gives investors a clearer picture of reporting practises and gaps and includes results from the new research from Access to Nutrition Initiative, analysing nutrition disclosure and commitments of major out of home companies in the UK.

Report10 November 2022

HM preview
Healthy Markets progress update 2022

In the last three years, the Healthy Markets investor coalition, convened by ShareAction, have made huge strides to improve food industry practices in the UK with the goal of improving the nation’s health and child health in particular. In this report, we present the results and impacts to date of the Healthy Markets investor coalition. We also set out how the Healthy Markets Initiative will be integrated into ShareAction’s new global health programme – Long-term Investors in People’s Health (LIPH).

Rankings / Surveys25 October 2022

Turbines preview
NZBA round 1: an assessment of banks' decarbonisation targets

In April 2021, a group of global banks founded the Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA), a UN-sponsored but industry-led initiative that is part of the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net-Zero (GFANZ). The NZBA now has the backing of 119 banks representing ~40 per cent of global banking assets. Members of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance have started setting their first round of targets – but are these ambitious enough?

Report19 May 2022

Power in Numbers? An assessment of CA100+ engagement on climate change

This report assesses the climate engagement reporting of 60 of the largest CA100+ signatories and provides leading practice examples.

Rankings / Surveys25 April 2022

WDI 2021 Cover
Workforce Disclosure in 2021: Trends and Insights

Workforce reporting continues to rise. In 2021, more companies provided more data to the WDI than ever before. Here we examine key trends and insights from the reporting season.

Briefing28 March 2022

Brief cover
Why investors should back the 2022 Living Wage resolution at Sainsbury’s

This briefing provides investors with the background to the Sainsbury's Living Wage resolution and arguments why investors should vote in support of the resolution at the AGM in July.

Briefing23 November 2022

Assessment preview
Aligning with 1.5°C: a benchmark for the chemical sector: Assessment of LyondellBasell

ShareAction has produced a benchmark that sets clear, measurable and evidence-based standards for chemical companies that are truly aligned with the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. Investors should use the benchmark to assess whether the companies they hold are truly 1.5°C aligned, and engage with them if they fall short. The first in a series of company-specific assessments, ShareAction has assessed LyondellBasell, a major global chemical company and plastics producer, against our benchmark. The assessment finds that LyondellBasell is not doing enough to align with 1.5°C, identifies areas for improvement, and makes recommendations to the company and its investors.

Briefing16 November 2022

Biodiversity preview
The time is now: Three ways the financial sector can take action to address biodiversity loss today

Reversing biodiversity loss requires urgent action by governments, companies and individuals. As owners and financers of companies, the financial sector’s role in driving change cannot be underestimated. However, there are practical steps that the sector can take now to start tackling the biodiversity crisis. This briefing points to three ways financial institutions can overcome the barriers to action and start addressing biodiversity loss today.

Briefing18 October 2022

Investor guide on health

A resource from the Long-term Investors in People’s Health Initiative

Briefing05 July 2022

Picture for net zero report RINU and CRIN
Navigating Net-Zero: A Guide for Asset Owners

This briefing provides a non-technical overview of the net-zero landscape for asset owners to empower them to hold their financial service providers to account on their net-zero commitments. It provides an overview of key considerations in setting credible net-zero promises, with questions for asset owners to use to engage with their financial service providers and a summary of the provisions of the prominent Net Zero Asset Manager Initiative (NZAM) and Net Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA).

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