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Report04 May 2023

Point of No Returns 2023 Part III: Social

Globally, companies are failing to respect human and labour rights and to avoid damaging public health.

Statement02 May 2023

Investor Statement - Barclays AGM 2023

With the support of 12 institutional investors, our Head of Banking Programme, Jeanne Martin asked a question at Barclays 2023 AGM on the banks oil and gas policy.

Statement18 April 2023

Public Statement: Nestlé

On the 20th of April, Nestlé S.A. will hold its 156th Annual General Meeting. This is a critical opportunity for the world’s largest food and drink company to deepen its commitment to use its significant, global influence on what we eat to help improve population health across the world. We're asking Nestlé to set a target to grow its proportion of healthier sales in relation to its sales from less healthy products and prove its commitment to global health.

Report12 April 2023

Good Work Coalition Investor statement: expectations of companies in 2023

ShareAction organises the Good Work Coalition of investors with £2.37 trillion of assets under management. In this open letter, the coalition sets out its expectations for companies on supporting low-paid workers, paying the real Living Wage and providing secure work.

Report29 March 2023

WDI 2022: Trends and Insights

For the sixth consecutive year, ShareAction’s survey of the world’s leading companies has forensically revealed the trends of how these companies respond to the needs of their workforces and supply chains.

Briefing27 March 2023

A Growing Problem: Why investors must engage with the pesticides industry

Pesticides are fuelling the global biodiversity crisis. But investors can push the industry to transform, helping reverse the decline in pollinators and other species. Our new briefing highlights why pesticide companies, and their investors, must urgently address the industry’s contribution to biodiversity loss.

Rankings / Surveys27 February 2023

Point of No Returns 2023: Part I – Ranking and General Findings

Ranking 77 of the world’s largest asset managers’ approaches to responsible investment

Rankings / Surveys06 January 2023

Voting Matters 2022

Are asset managers using their proxy votes for action on environmental and social issues?

Rankings / Surveys08 December 2022

In Debt to the Planet

An assessment of the 25 largest European banks’ biodiversity and climate strategies

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