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Report17 June 2024

Rise Paper 3 - the need for a new investor blueprint for the fossil fuel sector

To ensure that finance is driving action to tackle social and environmental challenges at the scale and pace we urgently need, ShareAction is urging the investment community to align with its ambitious new definition of responsible investment. We believe that “Responsible investment is a transparent approach, embedded throughout the investment process, that takes the negative and positive impacts on people and planet as seriously as financial risk and return.” ShareAction is supporting the investment community to meet this ambition by releasing a series of guidance papers that will set out Responsible Investment Standards & Expectations (RISE) for asset managers across specific topics. This guidance, grounded in detailed research, recommends actions that asset managers can – and should – take in today’s investment environment in pursuit of being a truly responsible investor. This is the thirst guidance paper. This is the third guidance paper in the RISE series. In it, we address fossil fuel policies, recommending how asset managers can take a much more purposeful and effective approach to investing in and engaging with the sector.

Briefing03 May 2024

Why shareholders should support the 2024 resolution on scope 3 emission at Yara International

Yara International is Europe's biggest nitrogen fertiliser company, creating as many carbon emissions a year as 16 coal-fired power plants. This briefing sets out why shareholders should support the resolution at Yara International's AGM on 28 May 2024 which asks Yara to set science-based targets to reduce its full climate impact by 2025. Yara International published its AGM notice on 3 May 2024. The notice included the shareholder resolution and the company's response to the resolution and supporting statement. The investor briefing addresses the points made in the company response in the AGM notice in detail. We have also pulled out and addressed the key points in Yara International's response available here.

Report11 April 2024

Insuring Disaster 2024

This is ShareAction's third benchmark of the insurance sector. It assess the policies and practices of 65 of the world's largest insurance companies across a range of environmental and social issues. In this report we assess three different types of insurers: . Life & Health (L&H) insurers . Insurers with a relevant property and casualty business (P&C) . Lloyd's of London's managing agents (MA) Three ranking tables outlining the performance of insurance companies can be found at the bottom of this page.

Report08 April 2024

ShareAction analysis of Barclays’ financing of pureplay upstream oil & gas

Barclays amended its energy policy in February, following negotiations with ShareAction and Barclays shareholders, pledging to no longer directly finance new oil and gas projects and to restrict its financing of 'pureplay' companies that focus exclusively on fossil fuel extraction and exploration. However, pureplay companies working on short-term extraction projects are exempted from this commitment, and fracking activities are typically short-term. Our new analysis has found that these loopholes in Barclays’ recently updated energy policy will allow it to continue providing a significant amount of finance for fracking, despite the net zero commitment it set in 2020.

Briefing31 January 2024

Workplace Health is Workplace Wealth

The health of workers has a significant impact on the overall economy, and work has a significant effect on people’s health. There are significant human and financial costs associated with the poor health of UK workers. In 2022, £127.9 billion was lost due to workers being less productive, off sick or quitting all together. British businesses lost an average of 51 days per employee. The scale of this problem certainly requires systemic policy and regulatory changes, but employers have a critical role to play. Companies that prioritise the health of their workers are more likely to thrive and achieve long-term success. Evidence shows that implementing good practices for employee health can help companies reduce costs and financial risks – and increase their competitive advantage – by fostering a healthier, more productive and innovative workforce. Investors need to recognise the financial, reputational, and regulatory risks and opportunities worker health can have on the companies they invest in. This pathbreaking new guide for investors and companies offers practical steps they can take to start protecting people and the economy.

Briefing15 January 2024

Clearing the Air

A pathbreaking guide for companies and investors to start tackling the air quality crisis.

Report11 January 2024

Voting Matters 2023: Are asset managers using their proxy votes for action on environmental and social issues?

Are asset managers using their proxy votes for action on environmental and social issues? 

Statement18 December 2023

ShareAction Letter Responding to the Financial Conduct Authority's consultation paper on diversity & inclusion

Major UK investors, co-ordinated by ShareAction, have written to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) urging the regulator to act on racial equality by introducing mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting for financial institutions.

Report06 December 2023

RISE Paper 2 - Introducing a standardised framework for escalating engagement with companies

ShareAction is introducing the concept of a standard escalation framework to facilitate the application of escalation tools with companies through corporate debt and listed equity.

Report22 November 2023

Green Ambitions, Grey Realities: European Banks’ journey from pledges to practice

Europe’s largest 20 banks' are leaving themselves open to allegations of greenwashing, due to a widespread lack of transparency on green finance policies.

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