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Policy09 September 2021

Slow Reactions Cover
Slow Reactions: Chemical companies must transform in a low-carbon world

We examine the role investors can play in decarbonising the climate-critical but often overlooked chemicals sector.

Policy06 September 2021

Countdownto COP
Countdown to COP26: An analysis of the climate and biodiversity practices of Europe’s largest banks

This report analyses how the 25 largest European banks approach five critical climate and biodiversity-related themes.

Policy02 September 2021

GN roundtable
Growth Narratives – Investor Roundtable

This is a public summary of a roundtable joined by more than 40 asset managers and charity investors, which explored what sustainable approaches to economic growth – respecting ecologies and social justice – might mean for investors.

Policy19 July 2021

Tracking health cover
Tracking for Health: 2021 update

Our last Tracking for Health briefing found only Sainsbury’s and M&S had commitments to increase sales of healthier products. A year on, we are starting to see encouraging signs that the retail industry as a whole is shifting in the right direction.

Policy26 May 2021

Insuring Disaster Cover
Insuring Disaster: A ranking of 70 of the world’s largest insurers’ approaches to responsible investment and underwriting

We examine 70 of the world’s largest insurance companies on responsible investment governance, climate change, biodiversity and human rights.

Policy29 April 2021

Paris Alignment Cover
Paris-alignment methodologies for banks: reality or illusion?

This report aims to establish best practice recommendations around the major frameworks banks can use to align their climate strategies with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Policy21 April 2021

Insecure Work Retail Cover
Low wage and insecure work in the UK retail sector: An investor briefing and toolkit

This briefing aims to support investors engaging the supermarket retail sector on the Living Wage and insecure work - making the case for raising wages and improving working conditions for retail workers and ultimately all workers in the food production system.

Policy31 March 2021

Workforce Disclosure in 2020: Trends and Insights

Workforce disclosure is rapidly improving. 141 of the world’s largest listed companies disclosed to WDI in 2020, a 20 per cent increase from the previous reporting cycle.

Policy23 March 2021

Growth narratives cover
Growth Narratives: An inquiry and provocation by charitable investors

Ten UK-based charitable investors formed a working group to explore perspectives on possible limits to, and limitations of, economic growth.

Policy18 March 2021

EV Report Cover
European Auto Makers: Still in the slow lane?

To reach net zero, road transport needs to decarbonise fully by 2050. This report focuses on the five largest European owned and listed car manufacturers, off the back of new decarbonisation commitments.

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