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Our money can change everything.
Our money builds the world around us. At the moment, that is a world of climate crises and inequality. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Changing the finance industry sounds complicated and daunting, but together we can have an impact. It takes us ordinary people speaking up at companies' annual general meetings (AGMs), submitting proposals for shareholders to vote on, and ensuring our own investments fuel the world we want. Together we can hold companies to account on how they use our money, and ensure our investments start going into healthier, fairer industries. Learn more about the key actions you can take below.

What world is my money building

Find out where your pension savings are being invested, and what steps you can take to ensure they align with your values.

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AGM activism

Borrow a company share from us and challenge the leaders of the world’s largest companies on the environmental and social issues that matter.

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Co-filing resolutions

Co-filing a resolution: possibly the most boring name for one of the most effective campaign tactics imaginable - become a shareholder and hold companies to account.

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