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Unlocking the power of investors

Harnessing the power of investment for social and environmental progress.

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An economy in crisis

Our global economy relies on a thriving natural world and resilient, healthy societies. Yet these very pillars of economic success are being undermined by the short-term decisionmaking of companies and financial institutions.

Investment is an essential part of economic activity and investors are part of this problem. But they can be part of the solution. Despite countless commitments and initiatives from across the financial sector landscape, environmental and social challenges continue to grow. We’re working to unlock the power of the financial sector to be a powerful force for good for people and the planet.

The role of the financial system

Just 100 companies are responsible for over 70 per cent of global emissions. Along with their investors, they could hold the key to tackling climate change.

Some US$44 trillion in economic value generation – more than half of global GDP – is dependent on nature and its services.

The world’s three largest asset managers have a combined £300 billion invested in fossil fuels – including money from private savings and pensions.

Every year, poor health costs some 15 per cent of global GDP in the form of premature deaths and the lost productivity potential of workers.

How we unlock the power of investors

Research & rankings

We benchmark and engage the world’s largest investors, banks and insurers and set the standard for leading practice on environmental and social topics.

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Shareholder activism

From company engagement to voting and filing resolutions, we work with investors to scale up action at the world’s largest companies and drive positive change.

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Investor initiatives

We bring together asset owners and managers to collectively drive change at their investee companies.

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Raising banking standards

We partner with a range of stakeholders to push banks to phase out financing of polluting industries and increase that of low-carbon sectors.

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