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ShareAction is a registered charity and, like all non-profits, we rely heavily on generous support from our philanthropic funders. The majority of our funding is derived from charitable grants gifted by various trusts and foundations. In addition to this, our network membership fees also contribute to much needed financial support.
Where our income comes from:

In 2020/21 no single funder contributed more than 13 per cent of our overall income. Our fundraising approach, below, gives more detail on how we approach raising money.

Our fundraising policy

ShareAction will not seek or accept funds from listed companies or from any for-profit investment firms. The exception to this is the Workforce Disclosure Initiative, where investor signatories pay an annual membership fee to support WDI’s work to drive higher standards of corporate disclosure.

We will sometimes accept, and are grateful for, support in kind from commercial entities in the form of venues for events. This form of support will be accepted only where it clearly furthers the charitable aims of the organisation (for example hosting a training or seminar on responsible investment).

All funding received by the organisation, including in-kind support, is made available in our annual report and accounts which can be downloaded below.

We welcome not-for-profit asset owners becoming paying members of investor networks that work collaboratively on responsible investment projects and are serviced by ShareAction. The sole purpose of such networks is to improve those investors’ performance and impacts as responsible investors. For the avoidance of doubt, membership of ShareAction is only open to not-for-profit civil society organisations. These members have voting rights and elect the board of trustees.

Our policy on ethical funding does not preclude ShareAction from receiving fees for conferences, speaking engagements or specialised training.

This policy and its implementation is subject to trustee oversight and will be reviewed annually by the board of trustees’ Governance and Risk Committee.

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