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We can make change happen

We put pressure on investors, like pension funds, and the companies they invest in, to make our financial system work for - not against - people and planet.

It works: today 50 out of 100 of the biggest publicly listed companies now pay their staff the Living Wage (we won’t stop until this number is 100), and household names like Vodafone and BT have signed up to source 100% renewable energy. Even HSBC has agreed to stop coal financing. How amazing is that!

This has only been possible because of your support – we can do so much more together.

✉️ £3 could help pay for an email to a CEO, making the business case for using 100% renewable energy. Believe it or not, that’s how our BT and Vodafone campaigns started.

💵 £12 could help fund crucial communications that break down financial jargon so people understand the power of their pension and can make choices about how their money is invested.

🤝 £23 could help buy one share in a publicly listed company, allowing us to directly challenge powerful decision-makers on issues such as Climate Change, paying a Living Wage and Healthy Food Standards.

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