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Report19 May 2022

Power in Numbers? An assessment of CA100+ engagement on climate change

This report assesses the climate engagement reporting of 60 of the largest CA100+ signatories and provides leading practice examples.

Rankings / Surveys25 April 2022

WDI 2021 Cover
Workforce Disclosure in 2021: Trends and Insights

Workforce reporting continues to rise. In 2021, more companies provided more data to the WDI than ever before. Here we examine key trends and insights from the reporting season.

Briefing28 March 2022

Brief cover
Why investors should back the 2022 Living Wage resolution at Sainsbury’s

This briefing provides investors with the background to the Sainsbury's Living Wage resolution and arguments why investors should vote in support of the resolution at the AGM in July.

Report11 May 2022

UK Retailer Index 2022

The Access to Nutrition Initiative (ATNI), in partnership with ShareAction, has published the first comprehensive assessment of food retailers’ contribution to consumer health anywhere in the world.

Briefing05 May 2022

Beyond the blue cover
Beyond the Blue: Renewable hydrogen in the chemical industry

To decarbonise the chemicals sector, companies will need to tackle 'feedstock' emissions. Our latest investor briefing examines how renewable hydrogen offers the most economically attractive and the lowest emissions pathway for switching feedback in primary chemical production.

Briefing26 April 2022

Consumers healthy food preview
Consumer data shows demand for more action from food manufacturers on health

Food manufacturers have a huge role to play in defining food environments - and new polling carried out with Censuswide shows growing demand for them to take steps to promote healthier diets.

Briefing07 April 2022

Barclays So C cover
Why investors should vote against Barclays’ 2022 Say on Climate proposal

Barclays is giving shareholders a Say on Climate vote at its 2022 AGM. Here we explain why shareholder's should vote against the proposal.

Briefing07 April 2022

CS Preview
Credit Suisse: why investors should support the shareholder proposal on climate change

In this briefing, we aim to provide clarity on what Credit Suisse has committed to doing on climate change, how it compares to leading and best practice, what remains to be done and why the bank's shareholders should vote 'FOR' Agenda item 9 at the bank's AGM.

Resolutions28 March 2022

Resolution cover
Special Resolution for consideration at Sainsbury’s PLC 2022 AGM Living Wage accreditation

Wording of the shareholder resolution on the Living Wage co-filed by ShareAction and a coalition of institutional investors at Sainsbury's.

Briefing23 March 2022

Scoring methodology
Workforce Disclosure Initaitive Awards 2021

The WDI “Workforce Transparency Awards” celebrate companies for the amount of information they submit in their responses to acknowledge their efforts in promoting transparency in workforce reporting

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