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Briefing05 July 2022

Picture for net zero report RINU and CRIN
Navigating Net-Zero: A Guide for Asset Owners

This briefing provides a non-technical overview of the net-zero landscape for asset owners to empower them to hold their financial service providers to account on their net-zero commitments. It provides an overview of key considerations in setting credible net-zero promises, with questions for asset owners to use to engage with their financial service providers and a summary of the provisions of the prominent Net Zero Asset Manager Initiative (NZAM) and Net Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA).

Report29 June 2022

Chemicals preview
Coming around: how chemical companies must adapt to the circular economy

The chemical sector is responsible for over 5.8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and needs to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Circular economy principles can help the chemical sector to reach net zero and address its plastic pollution.

Report19 May 2022

Power in Numbers? An assessment of CA100+ engagement on climate change

This report assesses the climate engagement reporting of 60 of the largest CA100+ signatories and provides leading practice examples.

Rankings / Surveys25 April 2022

WDI 2021 Cover
Workforce Disclosure in 2021: Trends and Insights

Workforce reporting continues to rise. In 2021, more companies provided more data to the WDI than ever before. Here we examine key trends and insights from the reporting season.

Briefing28 March 2022

Brief cover
Why investors should back the 2022 Living Wage resolution at Sainsbury’s

This briefing provides investors with the background to the Sainsbury's Living Wage resolution and arguments why investors should vote in support of the resolution at the AGM in July.

Briefing09 June 2022

Main preview
Low wage and insecure work in the UK retail sector: An investor briefing and toolkit

This briefing is an update to our 2021 briefing ‘Low wage and insecure work in the UK retail sector’. It makes the case for raising wages and improving working conditions – starting with retail workers but moving to encompass all workers in the food production system.

Briefing07 June 2022

HSBC briefing thumdnail
How investors can best help HSBC act on its March 2022 climate commitments

Following constructive investor engagement in 2021 and 2022, HSBC has announced further commitments to deliver on its net-zero by 2050 ambition. This includes the publication of a Climate Transition Plan in 2023, and more ambitious decarbonisation targets and policies in 2022 to underpin its new pledge to phase down fossil fuel finance in alignment with 1.5C.i This briefing outlines recommendations for further engagement with HSBC to ensure these pledges are credible and delivered on time.

Report11 May 2022

UK Retailer Index 2022

The Access to Nutrition Initiative (ATNI), in partnership with ShareAction, has published the first comprehensive assessment of food retailers’ contribution to consumer health anywhere in the world.

Briefing05 May 2022

Beyond the blue cover
Beyond the Blue: Renewable hydrogen in the chemical industry

To decarbonise the chemicals sector, companies will need to tackle 'feedstock' emissions. Our latest investor briefing examines how renewable hydrogen offers the most economically attractive and the lowest emissions pathway for switching feedback in primary chemical production.

Briefing26 April 2022

Consumers healthy food preview
Consumer data shows demand for more action from food manufacturers on health

Food manufacturers have a huge role to play in defining food environments - and new polling carried out with Censuswide shows growing demand for them to take steps to promote healthier diets.

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