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To make our vision a reality, we provide individual savers, institutional investors, and policy-makers in the UK and Europe with the information they need to act.

Since 2005, our independent and expert research has formed the backbone of our movement. We ensure savers are informed to approach their providers constructively, we equip investors with the resources needed to engage the world’s largest companies, and we influence the policy debate to reprogramme the investment industry itself.

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Resources for savers

We provide resources and training to help individual pension savers better understand the investment system and their role within it, as well as the tools to reprogramme the status quo of the corporate world and investment system.

Our feature resource for savers

Mission: Pension Power

This is our easy to use Pension Power toolkit. This guide will enable you to use the power of your pension to create change through the investment system on the issues that matter to you, from climate change to fair pay.


Our latest resources for savers

Pensions for the Next Generation: Communicating What Matters

17 March 2018

This report explores the opportunity to shift the attitudes of young British savers towards their pensions. It proposes easy and low-cost solutions that will help switch millennials on to the power of their savings.


Local Government Pension Funds – Divest From Carbon Campaign: A UNISON Guide

10 January 2018

This is a resource to help UNISON members understand the risk climate change poses to their savings. It outlines campaign actions that members can take to protect their pensions following a new investment policy.


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Resources for investors

Our annual surveys rank big pension providers or asset managers on responsible investment. Our briefings and reports investigate how industry professionals can tackle key environmental, social, and governance problems through capital markets.

Our latest surveys & rankings

Pensions in a Changing Climate

17 December 2018

This report assesses the pensions sector’s response to the recommendations of the TCFD, and features an index of the world’s 100 largest public pension funds rated on their approach to climate-related risks and opportunities.


The Engagement Deficit: Ranking Auto-enrolment Pension Providers on Responsible Investment and Member Engagement & Communications

9 June 2018

This report ranks the 10 largest UK auto-enrolment pension providers on responsible investment as well as member engagement following on our Pensions for the Next Generation (March 2018) report.


Got It Covered? Insurance in a Changing Climate

24 May 2018

This report assesses the insurance sector response to the recommendations of the TCFD and features an index of the world’s 80 largest insurers rated on their approach to climate-related risks and opportunities.


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Our latest investor briefings & reports

Improving the Conversation: What Charity Investors Expect from their Asset Managers

17 January 2019

This document, created in collaboration with a network of charity investors, offers charities ways of improving engagement with their asset managers on voting, investments, governance, to better align with their mission.


Proxy Voting Policy & Practice: Charity Asset Managers in Focus

15 December 2018

This report focuses on a selection on controversial votes from the 2018 AGM season, covering board structure, pay and auditors, and explores continuities and changes from 2017.


Influencing UK Workforce Practices Through Responsible Investment

20 November 2018

This briefing provides a number of recommendations for investors to better engage investee companies on workforce practices in the UK, in addition to suggesting five topic areas for further engagement.


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Resources for policy-makers

We provide practical recommendations and guidance to policy-makers and regulators to promote responsible investment and a pension system that works in savers’ best interests in the UK and Europe.

Our latest policy briefings & resources

Event report: Human Rights Metrics (25 September 2018)

17 October 2018

This report contains the highlights of our event held in Brussels on 25 September 2018 on the state-of-play of social metrics and how to best capitalise on their use through the European sustainable finance agenda.


Letter Exchange with Vice-President Dombrovskis, March-July 2018

23 July 2018

These letters set out our key asks concerning human rights in the development of the EU’s taxonomy, reflecting the concerns of both civil society organisations and trade unions.


Promoting Sustainable Finance Through the ESAs Package

1 April 2018

In the context of the ongoing review of the European Supervisory Authorities, civil society organisations have come together to outline a vision for how sustainability should feature into their mandates.


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Our latest consultation submissions

Pension Costs and Transparency Inquiry

18 September 2018

We argued to the Work and Pensions Select Committee’s inquiry on pension costs and transparency that more transparent schemes can ensure greater engagement with savers, and mitigate ESG-related financial risks.


Response to FRC review call for evidence

6 August 2018

Responding to the independent review of the FRC’s call for evidence, we identify weaknesses in the current Stewardship Code, opportunities to strengthen it, and raise concerns about the level of funding the FRC receives for stewardship.


Clarifying and strengthening trustees’ investment duties

17 July 2018

The UK Government has consulted on clarifying pension trustees’ duties in respect of taking into account ESG factors in investments and stewardship and how they seek to understand savers’ views.


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We are able to provide plain-text, accessible versions of ShareAction resources. For copies please email us at info@shareaction.org.

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