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We provide resources and training to help pension savers better understand the investment system and their role within it, as well as the tools to reprogramme the status quo.


We rank pension providers and asset managers on responsible investment. Our briefings and reports investigate how they can in turn tackle key problems through capital markets.


We offer practical recommendations and guidance to policy-makers and regulators to promote a financial system that works in savers’ best interests in the UK and Europe.

Resources for savers

We provide resources and training to help individual pension savers better understand the investment system and their role within it, as well as the tools to reprogramme the status quo of the corporate world and investment system.

Our feature resource for savers

Mission: Pension Power

This guide will help you use the power of your pension to create change through the investment system on the issues that matter to you, from climate change to fair pay.


Our latest resources for savers

Pensions for the Next Generation: Communicating What Matters

17 March 2018

This report explores the attitudes of young savers towards their pensions and proposes easy, low-cost solutions that will help switch millennials on to the power of their savings.


Local Government Pension Funds – Divest From Carbon Campaign: A UNISON Guide

10 January 2018

This is a guide to help UNISON members understand the risk climate change poses to their savings and what actions they can take to protect their pensions.


Our latest videos

Resources for investors

Our annual surveys rank big pension providers or asset managers on responsible investment. Our briefings and reports investigate how industry professionals can tackle key environmental, social, and governance problems through capital markets.

Our latest surveys & rankings

Workforce Disclosure in 2020: Trends and Insights

31 March 2021

Workforce disclosure is rapidly improving. 141 of the world’s largest listed companies disclosed to WDI in 2020, a 20 per cent increase from the previous reporting cycle.

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Point of No Returns Part V – Leading Practice

28 February 2021

In ShareAction’s survey of the world’s 75 largest asset managers, none achieved an AAA or AA rating across all assessed areas. There were, however, clear pockets of leading practice, demonstrating what was possible. This guide presents a range of short case studies that reflect the current state of leading practice by large asset managers on the core themes of responsible investment governance, climate change, human and labour rights, and biodiversity.

This report is part of our Point of No Returns series >>

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Point of No Returns Part III – Climate Change

11 June 2020

This report looks at 75 of the world’s largest asset managers and their performance on responsible investment, with a specific focus being on climate change. It is the second of four reports in our ‘Points of No Returns‘ series.

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Our latest investor briefings & reports

Paris-alignment methodologies for banks: reality or illusion?

29 April 2021

This report aims to establish best practice recommendations for Paris-alignment of bank portfolios, based on a review of two major open-source frameworks and one methodology developed in-house: The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), The Paris Agreement Capital Transition Assessment (PACTA), and Barclays’ BlueTrack. Recommendations are intended for banks or investors engaging with banks on their climate strategies.


Low wage and insecure work in the UK retail sector: An investor briefing and toolkit

21 April 2021

This briefing builds on ShareAction’s previous briefings, Insecure Work in Insecure Times and Investing in the Living Wage, and aims to support investors engaging the supermarket retail sector on the Living Wage and insecure work. It makes the case for raising wages and improving working conditions – starting with retail workers but moving to encompass all workers in the food production system.


Growth Narratives: An inquiry and provocation by charitable investors

23 March 2021

Between Aug 2020 – Feb 2021, ten UK-based charitable investors formed a working group to explore perspectives on possible limits to and limitations of growth in economic activity and investment returns. Following a series of conversations with experts, the findings are set out with a view to understanding and acting upon how their own, and wider, investment practices will need to change in order to be genuinely responsible and sustainable.


Resources for policy-makers

We provide practical recommendations and guidance to policy-makers and regulators to promote responsible investment and a pension system that works in savers’ best interests in the UK and Europe.

Our latest policy briefings & resources

Civil Society Statement: Due Diligence & Corporate Accountability Legislative Report

14 April 2021

Last month, the European Parliament adopted a report on corporate due diligence and corporate accountability, with recommendations for the European Commission on the necessary next steps to be taken. Along with other NGOs, ShareAction published a statement in which we emphasise our support for this report and the need for the Commission to build on this, in the upcoming legislation.

The report from the European Parliament sends a strong signal on the key elements it expects in the upcoming legislation, calling for mandatory corporate due diligence and civil liability regimes, among other initiatives. However, we outline seven key areas in which the Commission can go further to ensure the upcoming legislation truly protects people and the planet.


Civil Society Statement: Recommendations for supply chain reporting requirements

1 April 2021

Historically, corporate sustainability transparency in the context of supply chains has seen a lack of agreement on the reporting requirements of human rights matters and non-climate related environmental issues.

Along with other civil society groups, ShareAction has published a statement in which it makes nine recommendations for standardisable supply chain data and indictors applicable across high-risk sectors.  Our recommendations include baseline requirements for the description of supply chains, mandatory disclosure of Tier 1 suppliers, as well as sector-specific requirements.

These recommendations will provide a standardised insight into companies exposure to risks and impacts and support the disclosure of corporate human rights and environmental due diligence.


Laying the Track: The Race to Zero – The role of asset managers in filing and voting on resolutions to tackle the climate crisis

10 March 2021

The third in our new series of COP 26 briefings for policymakers, this briefing sets out key issues on how the asset management industry is filing and voting on resolutions to tackle the climate crisis. It aims to shine an independent spotlight on the state of play in the industry and sets how policymakers should regulate to move investors in the right direction. The picture that emerges shows the investment sector overlooking essential aspects of stewardship, with weak climate-related resolutions and poor voting practices still too prevalent across asset managers’ stewardship activities.


Our latest consultation submissions

BEIS consultation on mandatory TCFD

4 May 2021

ShareAction responds to the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) consultation, Consultation on requiring mandatory climate-related financial disclosures (TCFD) by publicly quoted companies, large private companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs). 

We advocate for disclosure in line with TCFD’s 11 recommendations, mandatory scenario analysis and compulsory reporting of Scope 3 emissions, to take urgent action on climate risk.


Second feedback on EU proposal for a European single access point for corporate data

15 April 2021

ShareAction has provided its second feedback on the EU’s proposal for a single access point for financial and non-financial information publicly disclosed by companies.

ShareAction continues to strongly support the European Commission’s intention to present a legislative proposal to build a European single access point for corporate data. We have highlighted in this consultation response that the access point should put sustainability data on an equal footing with financial data and ensure the data is publicly available for all stakeholders.


Scottish Government Climate Change Engagement Strategy consultation

31 March 2021

ShareAction responds to a Scottish Government strategy consultation on climate change engagement, with reference to the Glasgow COP26 summit.


We are able to provide plain-text, accessible versions of ShareAction resources. For copies please email us at info@shareaction.org.