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Briefing15 May 2019

Biomass policy cover
The damaging impact of biomass power generation on our climate

This briefing outlines our recent research on biomass energy generation which highlighted key issues around how its use and consideration as a renewable energy source is inappropriate.

Briefing28 September 2021

Dont bank cover
Don’t bank on the finance sector to solve the climate crisis

This briefing sets out recommendations for policy-makers to ensure financing activities are truly aligned with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Consultation02 September 2021

Social taxonomy cover
Our response to the Platform on Sustainable Finance’s draft report on social taxonomy

We welcome the draft report on a Social Taxonomy by the subgroup of the Platform for Sustainable Finance and the opportunity to submit our views.

Briefing31 August 2021

Insuring Disaster Policy Cover
Insuring Disaster: How the EU can improve the insurance framework ‘Solvency II’

If the ongoing series of deadly heatwaves and destructive floods show us anything, it’s that we must urgently align EU financial regulation with the Paris Agreement.

Consultation12 July 2021

BEIS consultation cover
BEIS Consultation on audit and corporate governance

We respond to the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) consultation on 'Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance'.

Briefing24 June 2021

Joint Briefing EU Retail Investment Cover
Joint briefing on a sustainable EU retail investment policy

Together with other civil society groups, we've made key recommendations to incorporate sustainability aspects in EU retail investment policy.

Briefing24 June 2021

Laying the Track Just Transition Cover
Laying the Track: The Race to Zero – The role of investors in addressing the just transition

Our fourth COP26 briefing sets out how investors are addressing the just transition and how regulation can support them.

Briefing18 June 2021

Joint Briefing Sust Corp Gov Cover
Joint policy paper on sustainable corporate governance

Together with a group of civil society organisations, we present key recommendations on sustainable corporate governance that clarifies the specific responsibilities of boards to oversee sustainability.

Briefing17 June 2021

DWP consultation cover
DWP consultation on “S” factors in pensions schemes

We respond to the Department for Work and Pensions’ consultation on the 'Consideration of social risks and opportunities by occupational pension scheme'.

Briefing16 June 2021

Joint statement SCG cover
Joint statement on sustainable corporate governance

As part of a group of stakeholders with different backgrounds but a common interest in sustainable finance, we express support for the European Commission initiative on sustainable corporate governance.

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