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Consultation Responses30 January 2023

Greenwashing practices in the financial sector
Greenwashing practices in the financial sector

ShareAction responded to the European Supervisory Authorities joint Call for Evidence on potential greenwashing practices in the financial sector. We call for further action to curb greenwashing in the financial industry, and provided suggestions on how to do so.

Consultation Responses27 January 2023

Financial Conduct Authority consultation response - new labels for sustainable investment products

ShareAction responded to the FCA’s consultation on new labels for sustainable investment products. While we were broadly supportive, we made several recommendations geared towards tackling greenwashing and boosting consumer confidence.

Consultation Responses19 December 2022

FS bill 2022 December 19th
Financial Services and Markets Bill 2023

The Financial Services and Markets (FSM) Bill proposes a significant restructure of financial regulation following Brexit. The government has described it as a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” to reshape financial regulation. But the Bill makes no provision for sustainable finance, threatening both economic stability and the Prime Minister’s commitment to make the City of London a ‘net zero-aligned financial centre’. Instead, the FSM prioritises growth and competitiveness above all else.

Joint Statement08 December 2022

CSDDD Joint Statement Dec 8th 2022
Joint Statement on the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD)

ShareAction, Accountancy Europe, Eurosif, Frank Bold, Finance Watch and WWF, as members of the Informal Group on Sustainable Finance, have released a joint statement on the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD). In the statement, a set of key recommendations are suggested that will embed environmental, climate and social impacts into the company's long-term strategy.

Joint Statement24 November 2022

EU CSDDD Policy Statement 24th Nov 2022
Investor Statement of Support for an Ambitious and Effective European Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence

142 Investor signatories (representing approximately 1.5 trillion USD in AUM) have penned a joint statement in support of the European Commission’s proposal for a directive on corporate sustainability due diligence (CSDD) and its aim to anchor human rights and environmental considerations in companies’ operations and corporate governance.

Consultation Responses10 November 2022

ShareAction submission to Review of Net-Zero: Call for Evidence

ShareAction’s response to the BEIS review of net-zero. Here we highlighted the growth opportunities of the transition to net-zero, and the need for fit-for-purpose financial regulation.

Joint Statement14 October 2022

CSDDD Letter 14th October 2022
The Role of Financial Institutions in the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive

Our proposal to the CSDDD aims to ensure that the financial sector will be able to support strong human rights and environmental protection as well as economic prosperity.

Policy05 October 2022

Civil society recommendations for the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive

Together with Frank Bold, ECCJ, Client Earth, WWF and others, ShareAction has issued a set of recommendations to improve the climate change obligations of the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive.

Policy24 August 2022

WDI Health Safety Report
Company Guidance 2022 : Health and Safety

The Workforce Disclosure Initiative delivers workplace health and safety guidance in their latest briefing.

Policy24 August 2022

Workers Voice Pic
Company Guidance 2022: Worker Voice and Representation

In this briefing, the Workforce Disclosure Initiative provide guidance on the power of workers voice and representation in the workplace.

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