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A collaborative approach

The LIPH initiative will grow investor engagement in health as an overarching theme. In recognition of the relevant topic-specific corporate engagement being led by others, we want to play a role in connecting these initiatives up and providing investors opportunities to support this work.

Our aim is for the LIPH programme to support and amplify the work of our partners and allies, and we believe that we’ll be able to drive greater impact on population health by doing do.

This could involve highlighting your company engagement opportunities to the LIPH investors alliance and encouraging them to support, drafting policy responses that other organisations can sign-on to, or creating opportunities to engage data and index providers to include health metrics more fully in their work.

We’re already proactively reaching out to initiatives all over the world to see how we can connect with and support their work, this includes on topics like tobacco divestment, antimicrobial resistance, health equity and access to medicines.

If you lead or are involved with one of these initiatives and would like to explore collaborating with us please get in touch.

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