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EU policy reforms

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The European Union has made significant steps in recent years. It has adopted rules to push the financial sector to reorient its investments and drive a transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient and sustainable economy. But the financial system is not transitioning fast enough.

Short-term pressure on corporations remain driven by the actions of the financial sector. The measures taken fall short of what's needed to address the environmental and societal challenges we face. Fiduciary duties of institutional investors and asset managers do not yet integrate these factors and take into account long-term sustainability. Much more needs to be done to make sure capital flows towards a more socially sustainable economy.

Based in Brussels, our EU team aims to bring our distinctive prespective and expertise to the European debate. We bring the investor-angle to the EU's sustainable finance agenda, and have a track record of driving up the ambition of the EU Commission's key initiatives.


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European Responsible Investment Network

We work with civil society groups across EU member states to ensure that legislation from Brussels is implemented in an ambitious way across European countries. 

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