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Why Responsible Investment

We’re working to build a world where the financial system serves our planet and its people.

Global emissions continue to rise, our natural world is in decline, and the divide between rich and poor is widening.

These global challenges are being driven by short-term investment decisions focused on maximising profit which fail to account for external risks and impacts. While the idea of responsible finance is growing fast, the world’s major investors are not yet driving change at the level needed.

We work to define the highest standards of responsible investment and to drive change until these standards are adopted worldwide. Together, we can harness the positive potential of our finance system.

How do we define responsible investment

How we work

Unlocking the power of investors

We work directly with investors to drive up standards for responsible investment.

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Reforming the rules

We work with policymakers to set the legal frameworks for a finance system that works for people and planet.

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Building a movement

We believe that individuals should have a say in where their money is invested, and work to give them a voice.

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Our Global issues

Tackling climate change.
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Protecting our natural world.
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Increasing good work.
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Improving people’s health.
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