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Voting on resolutions is one of the primary means by which shareholders can exert influence over their investee companies and exercise stewardship.

We've collated a list of key resolutions in 2022 that we believe should be a priority for investors in the 2022 proxy voting season. The list covers a range of important environmental and social issues. It aims to be a barometer for asset manager performance in the upcoming proxy voting season.

We urge asset managers to vote FOR these resolutions, publicly pre-declare voting intention, and publish a rationale for any deviations in voting outcomes.

We urge asset owners to ask your asset manager to do the same, adopting a comply or explain policy, and to use this list to challenge and evaluate your asset manager on their voting decisions.

The Resolutions Tracker was published on 17 March 2022. We aim to update the tracker regularly. Last updated: 28 June 2022.

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