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Workplace Health is Workplace Wealth


The health of workers has a significant impact on the overall economy, and work has a significant effect on people’s health.

There are significant human and financial costs associated with the poor health of UK workers. In 2022, £127.9 billion was lost due to workers being less productive, off sick or quitting all together. British businesses lost an average of 51 days per employee. The scale of this problem certainly requires systemic policy and regulatory changes, but employers have a critical role to play.

Companies that prioritise the health of their workers are more likely to thrive and achieve long-term success. Evidence shows that implementing good practices for employee health can help companies reduce costs and financial risks – and increase their competitive advantage – by fostering a healthier, more productive and innovative workforce.

Investors need to recognise the financial, reputational, and regulatory risks and opportunities worker health can have on the companies they invest in.

This pathbreaking new guide for investors and companies offers practical steps they can take to start protecting people and the economy.