Share Action


Rise Paper 3 - the need for a new investor blueprint for the fossil fuel sector


To ensure that finance is driving action to tackle social and environmental challenges at the scale and pace we urgently need, ShareAction is urging the investment community to align with its ambitious new definition of responsible investment.

We believe that “Responsible investment is a transparent approach, embedded throughout the investment process, that takes the negative and positive impacts on people and planet as seriously as financial risk and return.”

ShareAction is supporting the investment community to meet this ambition by releasing a series of guidance papers that will set out Responsible Investment Standards & Expectations (RISE) for asset managers across specific topics. This guidance, grounded in detailed research, recommends actions that asset managers can – and should – take in today’s investment environment in pursuit of being a truly responsible investor.

This is the thirst guidance paper. This is the third guidance paper in the RISE series. In it, we address fossil fuel policies, recommending how asset managers can take a much more purposeful and effective approach to investing in and engaging with the sector.