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What is ShareAction’s asset manager benchmark?

Asset management firms that control global wealth have a key role to play in tackling climate change and inequality. We analyse how well they are living up to this responsibility.

Every two years, ShareAction publishes an independent review of the responsible investment practices of the world’s largest asset managers. We score their policies and targets across climate, biodiversity and social issues and rank them against their peers.

We’re all about creating a financial system that works for people and planet. Asset managers have a key role to play in making this vision a reality.

Asset managers are uniquely placed to combat the many risks that face us today. Right now, there are huge shortfalls in the financing needed to get us to net zero. Biodiversity is declining faster than humans have ever seen, and social inequalities continue to grow. Taken together, the institutions we're surveying manage over €63 trillion in assets – more than the annual GDP of China and the US combined. They have a huge opportunity to change our story

In 2020 our previous benchmark, Point of No Returns, showed that the majority of the world’s largest asset managers aren’t investing responsibly. Since then, we’ve seen landmark rulings on greenwashing in advertising, and investigations into mis-selling of ‘green’ investment products. It’s time for a detailed review to see what impact changes like these have had.

How are we conducting this survey?

This year, we selected 80 of the world’s largest and most influential asset managers, across 16 countries. At the beginning of the year, we refined a method designed specifically for asset managers, digging into the detail of the unique risks and opportunities to this sector. This summer, asset managers had the chance to refine the data we collected and analysed. We are now checking and scoring this data, ensuring consistency across peers. We will publish our benchmarking in February 2023, following up with further reports diving into themes like climate, biodiversity and stewardship.

What will our survey results show?

Our updated survey will provide a detailed look at the issues that are most critical for asset managers. We will show not only which asset managers are responsible investment leaders and laggards, but analyse what leading practice means for this specific type of financial institution. We will highlight key progress and urgent areas for development across the themes of stewardship and governance, biodiversity, social issues and climate change.

We will also provide recommendations for asset managers, asset owners, consultants and policymakers. All these groups will be able to use our reports to create real change. ShareAction will also be working directly with asset managers, providing tailored guidance and resources on how to improve their policies and practices.

The moment has never been so urgent. The investment choices that asset managers make today will echo for generations to come. Our report will help asset managers to unlock the power of investment to create a better world.

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