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CSDDD Delay: A failure of leadership that threatens human rights and the environment

(Friday 9th February) Today, the Belgian Presidency decided to postpone the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) vote in the Council of the EU, following Germany’s announcement of abstention and the need for further discussions among EU Member States.

Isabella Ritter, EU Policy Officer at ShareAction, commented: “The decision to postpone the vote on CSDDD is outrageous. It is a game-changing piece of legislation with the power to uplift global human rights and environmental protection that has been stalled by member states, led by Germany. This delay is a leadership failure, jeopardizing lives and the well-being of the planet. The stakes are too high, and we urge all EU Member States to move beyond self-interest, return to the table and ensure the passage of this crucial law as soon as possible.”

Looking ahead to the next vote in the COREPER meeting, ShareAction calls on the Belgian Presidency to swiftly address and overcome this block and get the green light from EU Member States as soon as possible. The CSDDD is more than a piece of legislation; it's about shaping the future of corporate accountability and sustainability practices in the EU and beyond.

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