What we do

We make sure savers’ voices are heard by the people managing their money. We unlock the power of investors to influence the behaviour of companies and their impact on society and the environment. We give investors and savers the tools they need to make change happen, such as research and training.

We publish policy recommendations to influence and rewrite the rules of the system. We analyse the behaviour of big investors, harnessing competition and driving up standards. We bring together investors, organisations and individual savers into powerful networks that take action and drive change.

Campaigns Networks Research Policy

Current campaigns

We influence companies and their investors to do things differently. We help investors engage with companies. By improving corporate behaviour, our campaigns make people’s lives better and protect the environment.

Limiting climate change


We rank and engage the largest European and global banks to ensure they invest in the low-carbon economy.


We influence companies with a global reach to set ambitious climate targets that shift market demands.

Fossil fuels

We advocate for the world’s largest fossil fuel companies to transition to low-carbon business models.

Promoting good work

Global workforces

We shine a light on the supply chains of the largest global employers to drive better working conditions.

Living Wages

We work with the largest British employers to make sure they pay all staff at least the real Living Wage.

David Pitt-Watson made the point to me “how do these guys do so much on so little?” It didn’t need an answer, we just had to look around the room and the pavement outside.


Responsible investment networks

We build and support networks of foundations, faith groups, unions and NGOs to take action in the investment system. We bring together pension savers to get their voices heard.

Charities Responsible Investment Network (CRIN)

CRIN is a network of foundations and charities that use their assets to further their mission through responsible investment.

European Responsible Investment Network (ERIN)

ERIN brings together civil society organisations across Europe that are committed to a sustainable investment system.

Pension Power

The Pension Power network is made up of ordinary savers from all over the UK engaging their schemes on the issues that really matter.

Network of responsible investors

We rank and engage asset owners and managers across Europe to drive responsible investment practices.

Shareholder activists

Our network of AGM activists use carefully crafted questions to challenge the world’s largest companies on the key issues.

Ethics for USS

We support thousands of members from the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) who want USS to adopt an ethical investment policy.

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