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The Workforce Disclosure Initiative (WDI) brings investors together to encourage companies to disclose information on how they manage workers in their operations and supply chains. The 2018 WDI survey is being sent to 500 global companies. This page provides resources for companies completing the survey.

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Survey guidance

Guidance for companies invited to disclose data to the 2018 WDI survey.

Survey methodology

Key information regarding the development of the 2018 WDI survey.

2018 WDI survey

Investor-backed survey seeking data on how companies manage workers in their operations and supply chains.

Company list

List of 500 companies invited to disclose workforce data in response to the 2018 WDI survey.

Investor letter

Letter signed by WDI investor signatories and sent to the 500 companies invited to disclose to the WDI survey in June 2018.

Investor signatories

List of the over 100 institutional investors calling for more workforce transparency from listed companies.

WDI Pilot Year Report

The findings from the pilot year of the WDI, including investor and company recommendations.

WDI blog

Ongoing stories published by the WDI and ShareAction teams on issues related to the WDI.


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Charlie Crossley Project Officer - WDI

Clare Richards Programme Manager - Good Work

James Coldwell Investor Engagement Manager - WDI

Rosie Mackenzie Company Engagement Manager - WDI

Vaidehee Sachdev Senior Research Manager - WDI

Reporting is key as it is the only way for the public audience to assess if implementation of a strategy is effective. We’re aware that companies are struggling with a number of requests but we think that the Workforce Disclosure Initiative should help companies in the longer term. We’re convinced that we’re entering the phase where consolidation is needed and that the WDI can perform this role.


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