Wolfgang Kuhn

Wolfgang Kuhn


Wolfgang Kuhn is a Fellow at ShareAction with 20 years’ experience in fixed income markets, investing in corporate and government debt, allocating to high yield, emerging markets, convertibles and loans on behalf of institutional investors around the globe.

With a strong interest in risk management, he has been on a quest for the right approach to sustainability in bond management since 2006. Wolfgang is convinced that the orthodox investment framework of risk and return is dangerously incomplete, and needs to be complemented by a third one, real-world impact.

His most recent role was that of Head of Pan-European Fixed Income at Aberdeen Asset Management, managing European credit and macro teams. Previously, he worked for UBS, Deutsche Asset Management and DG Bank.

Wolfgang graduated from Technical University of Berlin, having also studied at University of Wisconsin and University of Freiburg. Wolfgang is a CFA Charterholder, a Certfied EFFAS Financial Analyst (CEFA) and a Financial Risk Manager (FRM).