By Bethan Livesey, Policy Officer, ShareAction

30 April 2015

Next week we will exercise our right to choose who governs us.  For many people, this will be the sum total of their interaction with government.  However, outside of the electoral cycle there are lots of ways to influence politics. Lobbying your MP is perhaps the most obvious one. But another under-used method is responding to government consultations.

It isn’t always easy to do this. Consultations open and close without fanfare, their wording may be technical and questions seem complex. Sometimes it is not obvious how the subject matter applies to you. But, as with most political decisions, the outcomes of consultations can have a huge impact on our lives. 

ShareAction responds to government consultations and works with politicians in our role as a watchdog on the financial sector. We seek to speak for the ordinary saver. But it is just as important and powerful for the government to hear from savers themselves. That is why we were thrilled that well over 100 ShareAction supporters signed a letter to the Department of Work & Pensions about trustees’ duties to look after their pension savings. 

It may look like a small thing, but like many government departments, the DWP rarely hears directly from savers. Through a movement like ShareAction, people who care are able to act together to ask for meaningful change. 

Thank you to everyone who signed the letter. ShareAction will keep you updated about the government’s response. We hope that next time even more people will take action.