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Investors sharpen their focus on the real Living Wage in the UK

10 December 2018

Shell ties executive pay to carbon reduction targets

4 December 2018

Nearly 90% of public pension savings exposed to global warming despite UN warning

23 October 2018

Local Authority Pension Funds step up climate action in Green GB week

17 October 2018

CDP co-founder to become chair of ShareAction

8 October 2018

Standard Chartered ceases financing of new coal plants globally

25 September 2018

UK Government unveils clearer rules for a 21st century pensions system

11 September 2018

60% of the world’s largest public pension funds in breach of duties on climate change, new data reveals.

10 September 2018

Human rights are part of sustainable finance, say pressure groups to EU

25 July 2018

Response: Church of England sets divestment timeline

9 July 2018

100 investors ratchet up pressure on companies to come clean on workforce risks

5 July 2018

ShareAction statement: DWP consultation on clarifying and strengthening trustees’ investment duties

18 June 2018

Leading asset owners reveal how best practice on tackling climate-related investment risks is achievable for all peers

13 June 2018

Two thirds of the largest auto-enrolment providers lack policy to avoid controversial weapons

8 June 2018

RBS halts lending for environmentally damaging projects

29 May 2018

World’s largest insurers stalling on UN climate challenges

24 May 2018

UK investors tell Shell it’s time to comply with the Paris climate goals  

4 May 2018

Companies urged to increase workforce disclosure to improve global working conditions

1 May 2018

Shareholders and savers support pay equality as keystone for housebuilder Persimmon

25 April 2018

Pressure at HSBC’s AGM to close Asian coal loophole

20 April 2018

Investors with $1 trillion put weight behind call for big brands to step up climate targets

17 April 2018

Shareholder revolt at Rio Tinto’s London AGM over “outright climate hypocrisy” 

11 April 2018

Rio Tinto investors urged to stand up to miner over destructive climate lobbying

9 April 2018

Pensions industry is missing a trick not talking to millennial savers about the impact of their investments

17 March 2018

Reaction: European Commission’s Action Plan on Sustainable Finance

8 March 2018

Auto-enrolment pension savers could face significant losses due to poor climate risk practice

6 March 2018

Response: Government announces new regulations on transparency of pension investment

26 February 2018

FCA needs to get a grip on pension governance to protect nearly 12 million savers

17 February 2018

Strong oil and gas results should result in capital returns and renewable transition not new production growth

7 February 2018

Reaction: Final Report by the High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance

31 January 2018

Government takes action for sustainable and ethical pensions

17 December 2017

French banks stride ahead of European peers in fight against climate change

7 December 2017

ShareAction welcomes DWP plan to improve transparency on pension investments

26 October 2017

Shareholders’ capital at risk as BP and Shell drag feet on binding shareholder resolutions

26 October 2017

Stage and screen stars say it’s curtains for fossil-fuelled pensions

23 October 2017

Major US investors inconsistent on key corporate climate votes

2 October 2017

A hundred investors with assets totalling nearly $2 trillion call on world’s largest banks to disclose climate-related financial information

14 September 2017

ShareAction celebrates as third of FTSE 100 pay staff a real Living Wage

1 September 2017

European Commission should act decisively to implement ambitious recommendations by High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance

13 July 2017

£100 billion investor collaborative ups pressure on real Living Wage at Marks & Spencer

11 July 2017

$7.9 trillion investor coalition pushes companies for disclosure on global workforces

3 July 2017

ShareAction urges Government to accept Law Commission’s recommendations on removing barriers to social impact investing

23 June 2017

ShareAction to strengthen focus on climate risk with takeover of the Asset Owners Disclosure Project

13 June 2017

Every little helps: Tesco commits to 100% renewable electricity as it targets emissions reduction

15 May 2017

ShareAction urges shareholders to reject BP’s and Shell’s remuneration policies for rewarding risky high-carbon strategy

9 May 2017

Over 80% of local council pension funds silent on climate risk despite warning

6 May 2017

Pension savers urge their schemes to vote down executive pay policies that put savings at long-term risk

5 May 2017

Pension funds and asset managers are playing their part in the renewable revolution

28 March 2017

Responding to the antibiotics crisis: Investors push food giants to path of less resistance

20 March 2017

Benchmark finds vast gulf in responsible investment performance at European asset management firms

13 March 2017

Investors urged to catalyse climate-credible business models in the banking sector

20 February 2017

USS members press their scheme for ethical investment

1 December 2016

IORPs II: ground-breaking ESG risk protection measures afforded to European pension savers. The UK must afford savers the same, says ShareAction

24 November 2016

Resisting Resistance: Investors take action to manage risk of antibiotic overuse in farming

15 November 2016

ShareAction welcomes FRC action on Stewardship Code

14 November 2016

Plan launched to tackle European investment crisis; UK urged to seize opportunities of Brexit

28 October 2016

ShareAction welcomes BP’s U-turn on Great Australian Bight project

11 October 2016

Shareholders serious about climate risk must ‘walk the talk’ on BP and Shell pay votes

29 September 2016

Tech company investors at risk over human rights breaches

28 September 2016

Protein shake-up: $1trn investor coalition turns up the heat on meat

26 September 2016

Investors urge ‘critical’ corporate action on antibiotic overuse ahead of UN High-Level Meeting

19 September 2016

New report: UK pension pots jeopardised by disregarded climate risk

8 September 2016

Investor action central to tackling inequality, says ShareAction

5 September 2016

Public join investors in telling McDonald’s: don’t supersize antibiotics

12 August 2016

ShareAction welcomes shareholder resolution at Sports Direct

5 August 2016

ShareAction calls on pension trustees to step up ESG risk management and member engagement following new DC Code and guides

28 July 2016

ShareAction, Craftivist Collective, Citizens UK and Care2 to attend M&S AGM and urge company to take final step towards a Living Wage

11 July 2016

Joint statement – Urgent re-think of Europe’s financial sector’s direction and purpose needed as new financial lead appointed

6 July 2016

Investors must not let Brexit divert them from climate risk, says commercial legal expert

6 July 2016

IORPs: ShareAction welcomes victory for responsible investment of pensions in the EU

28 June 2016

Siobhain McDonagh MP, South London Citizens and ShareAction call for a proper Living Wage for B&Q staff at Kingfisher AGM

14 June 2016

Civil society organisations unite to transform Europe’s investment industry

9 June 2016

“An insult to savers” – ShareAction slams Sir Martin Sorrell’s pay deal

6 June 2016

ShareAction and Craftivist Collective welcome M&S plan to increase pay and call on company to accredit as a Living Wage employer

25 May 2016

Swiss pension funds insufficiently focused on climate change

25 May 2016

ShareAction says Shell’s climate risk reporting does not go far enough

20 May 2016

ShareAction CEO calls on Vanguard to support climate resolutions

11 May 2016

Investors briefed on risks of pricing and price transparency of life-saving vaccines

27 April 2016

Catherine Howarth appointed Transparency Task Force Ambassador

25 April 2016

EU ministers must push for action on climate risk to protect investors

22 April 2016

Pension funds quizzed on portfolio risk linked to climate change

18 April 2016

BP refuses to disclose risks of deep-water gamble in the Great Australian Bight

14 April 2016

$1 trillion investor coalition demands corporate action on ‘systemic overuse’ of antibiotics

11 April 2016

Investors can play a central role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 

21 March 2016

ShareAction finds a gulf between best and worst performing auto-enrolment pension schemes

12 March 2016

Automakers accused of gross complacency by investors

15 February 2016

Investors with assets of £352bn call on companies to commit to renewable energy

9 December 2015

ShareAction disappointed by Government’s failure to act on Law Commission recommendation on fiduciary duty

12 November 2015

ShareAction celebrates as 29th FTSE 100 company signs up to the Living Wage

4 November 2015

MPs call for increased transparency from the Parliamentary pension fund and request a member meeting

21 October 2015

Concerned investors with over £625 billion under management call for greater clarity on emissions lobbying by automobile companies

13 October 2015

ShareAction questions Investment Association members over Chief Executive’s resignation

7 October 2015

ShareAction calls on BusinessEurope to listen to investor concerns on climate lobbying

30 September 2015

ShareAction welcomes PRI’s report on Fiduciary Duty in the 21st Century

9 September 2015

ShareAction welcomes National Grid into growing number of FTSE 100 accredited as Living Wage employers

7 September 2015

Leading investors call on FTSE 100 companies to leave regressive climate lobbying groups

2 September 2015

ShareAction warns of risks to investors of corporate lobbying on climate change

11 August 2015

ShareAction gives cautious welcome to reports of Royal Dutch Shell’s withdrawal from climate-sceptic lobbying group

7 August 2015

Realigning Interests, Reducing Regulation: ShareAction launches its policy vision for pensions success

13 July 2015

National Express commits to wheelchair priority policy after meeting with AGM Army campaigner

9 July 2015

Marks & Spencer board members praise Living Wage stitch-in campaign and agree to meet to discuss Living Wage with campaigners

7 July 2015

European Shareholder Rights Directive takes steps to curb corporate excesses, but governance gaps remain

6 July 2015

Craftivist campaign launches after survey shows 17 percent of British shoppers would shop more often at Marks & Spencer if it paid a Living Wage

19 June 2015

Clean Words, Dirty Lobby – is Total really part of the climate solution?

18 June 2015

ShareAction says Pope’s encyclical on climate change will add to voices challenging climate sceptical lobbying

17 June 2015

Institutional Investors Call on Shell to Exit Climate Sceptic Lobby Group

10 June 2015

ShareAction wants European savers’ interests reflected in the European Union’s Capital Markets Union announcement

7 June 2015 — ShareAction launches online High Pay tool for savers

6 June 2015

ShareAction gains commitment from Morrisons on Living Wage meeting against backdrop of £3m golden parachute for outgoing CEO

4 June 2015

G4S to be challenged on human trafficking risk at AGM on June 4th

4 June 2015

ShareAction says asset managers side with company management too often on controversial votes

18 May 2015

Next to be challenged on Living Wage at AGM on 14th May

13 May 2015

ShareAction welcomes appointment of savers’ champion Ros Altmann as new Pensions Minister

12 May 2015

Disability rights campaigner to attend National Express AGM

6 May 2015

ShareAction welcomes GlaxoSmithKline and Burberry into growing number of FTSE 100 accredited as Living Wage employers

27 April 2015

You Can Bank On Bad Behaviour: ShareAction Asks Boards Of HSBC And Barclays To Commit To Cost-Of-Conduct Reforms

23 April 2015

New Director of Campaigns

14 April 2015

Major international investors back BP climate change resolution

8 April 2015

Pension freedom day will buy more Lamborghinis for industry insiders than savers

31 March 2015

ShareAction says investors should query corporate lobbying on climate change

30 March 2015

ShareAction applauds BP’s withdrawal from climate-skeptic lobbying group

24 March 2015

ShareAction produces green bonds briefing for pension investors wondering, “which bond is best?”

19 March 2015

‘Make sure savers are heard’ says ShareAction, welcoming the Work and Pensions Select Committee’s Report

10 March 2015

Public can urge major investors in BP & Shell to give climate change a “seat at the table”

26 February 2015

UK asset managers fail to “walk the talk” on stewardship

30 January 2015

Investors must be bold and stand up to excessive executive pay

6 January 2012

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