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We’re in a climate emergency. And scientists warn the next decade will be critical for action.

Yet trillions of pounds is pumped into the companies fuelling the crisis. The worst bit? It’s your money – through your pension – being used to prop these companies up.

We have a vital opportunity to change this. This spring, a new Pensions Bill is being debated in Parliament. This is your chance to tell your MP that you want a pension that is aligned with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Other ways to take action

Choose a pension that suits you

Does your pension provider give you different fund options1? Do you have pension pots from past jobs? Are self-employed? If so, you can take steps to move your money to providers and funds that suit you.

options2 – As a rough rule of thumb, if you work in the public sector or started paying into a scheme before 1995, you probably won’t have a choice. See our FAQs for more.

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Speak about this in your workplace

Your pension belongs to you. But it’s your employer who decides which pension provider manages your money, and therefore what funds are available to you. If you’re unhappy with the options you have, then your employer is going to have to make a change. They hold the keys as the pension provider’s customer. 

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