What World is Your Money Building?

You might not know it, but if you’re working, you’re almost certainly paying into a pension. The money you pay into your pension isn’t just sitting around waiting for the day you retire. It’s invested in companies.

They use your money to create the products and services we interact with every day. From the tea you drink in the morning to the television you watch at night. Your pension builds the world around you.

You’ll probably be surprised to find out what world your money is building right now. 

We’re building a movement to make sure the money we put into our pensions every month builds a world in which people and planet can be safe and flourish. Not a world of poverty, inequality and a climate crisis. 

You can change the world your pension is building. Your money can change everything.


You pay into your pension every month. But your employer’s the one who choses which pension provider should manage your money. They hold the keys. The pension provider takes this money and puts it into funds – basically pools of people’s money.

Lots of people have the choice of at least 2 funds to go into:

  1. a ‘default’ fund which you automatically get put into, and
  2. an ‘ethical fund’ which you have to choose to go into.

Some people have more choices1, while others don’t have a choice at all. The pension provider decides which funds are available to you, but sometimes the employer helps2 decide too. These funds then invest money in companies and other financial products.

have more choices1 – As a rough rule of thumb, if you work in the public sector or started paying into a scheme before 1995, you probably won’t have a choice. See our FAQs for more.

the employer helps2 – As a rule of thumb, if you work for a large organisation (250+ employees), your employer will have helped. See our FAQs for more.