Paul Dickinson

Photo of Paul Dickinson taken by Rachel Ferriman,

Co-founder and Executive Chair of CDP, established in 2001, CDP is a global not for profit that represents 882 investors with $95 trillion (more than global GDP) and uses this authority to instruct corporations to gather and disclose detailed information on their greenhouse gas emissions, strategy on climate change and numerous other data points. Over 5,500 large corporations report through CDP, including 91% of the 300 largest in Europe. In addition, 310 cities with 400 million inhabitants report similar data through CDP. CDP has 160 staff in 12 offices and €14 million annual income. Paul built up the company from four people to over 50, and was involved in pioneering corporate use of the internet from 1996. In 1999 he completed my MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice from the University of Bath and wrote the book ‘Beautiful Corporations’ which was published by Financial Times / Prentice Hall in 2000. The book highlighted Sustainability Product Marketing, an essential element in the mass deployment of low carbon technology. He is a trustee of the Friends Provident Foundation and of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.

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