Coalitions and Networks

Working with investors and civil society to build long-term changes in corporate behaviour

By working together, investors can effectively and effectively bring their influence, and manage their risks and drive corporate progress. 

ShareAction co-ordinates a number of investor coalitions and networks on a number of issues, from improving labour standards and tackling the climate crisis to addressing growing inequality and pressing public health issues. 

Our coalitions

We aim to build and work with broad coalitions of investors to engage with the companies in which they invest and collectively back progressive calls on companies to take action on the biggest challenges we face: climate change, workforce conditions and public health. We currently co-ordinate three investor coalitions. 

Investor Decarbonisation Initiative

This coalition brings together institutional investors to encourage companies to set ambitious climate targets in line with goals of the Paris Agreement. 

Good Work Coalition

Bringing together institutional investors to collaboratively engage on workforce issues, including the Living Wage, diversity and inclusion and insecure working practices. 

Healthy Markets Coalition

Gathering investment allies to tackle childhood obesity, but asking food and drinks companies to making healthier food options more accessible and affordable. 

Our networks

We co-ordinate networks of organisations that wish to become more responsible investors, including large charities and universities. We also bring together civil society organisations to work together to drive the responsible investment agenda across Europe. We do this via three distinct networks. 

Charities Responsible Investment Network

The network supports charity and foundation investors to further their mission through responsible investment. 

Responsible Investment Network – Universities 

Universities have come together with the aim of undertaking ambitious social and responsible investment.

European Responsible Investment Network

This coalition of civil society organisations aims to work together to mobilise the power of investors to promote sustainable corporate conduct.