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We provide resources and training to help you better understand responsible investment, its importance and how it can be practiced. For investment professionals we provide briefings and regular seminars on current issues. For pension fund members we offer guidance on how to make your savings do good.

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Our work with savers

We help savers hold companies to account, directly at AGMs or through their pension savings. Our Mission: Pension Power toolkit helps you speak with your pension fund about the issues that matter.

Our feature resource for savers

Mission: Pension Power

Welcome to ShareAction’s easy to use Pension Power toolkit. This guide will enable you to use the power of your pension to create change through the investment system on the issues that matter to you, from climate change to fair pay.


Our latest resources for savers

Programme Briefing: Climate change

5 April 2017

Our Climate Change programme seeks to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy through campaigns focused on high carbon sectors, promoting renewable electricity use, and highlighting climate risk in investments.


Programme Briefing: Sustainable food systems

3 April 2017

Our Sustainable Food Systems programme ensures that the world’s largest food companies rely on and promote sustainable practices. This briefing outlines how you can help out.


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Jamie Audsley Head of Education & Organising

Our work with investors

We produce briefings on responsible investment, covering topics from tax risk to green bonds. These briefings outline investment risks and provide guidance on addressing them.

Our feature resource for investors

Opportunities for collaborative investor engagement

This briefing is an overview of the opportunities for investors to collaborate on responsible investment issues. The specific opportunities include campaigns on climate change, sustainable protein, labour standards and digital rights.


Our latest investor resources

Analysis of BP’s 2017 Remuneration Policy

27 April 2017

This paper analyses BP’s proposed remuneration policy. It recommends voting against its approval, due to its misalignment with the interests of shareholders in the context of the low carbon transition.


Oppressive Regimes: A guide for investors

7 April 2017

This briefing highlights how investors can engage with companies that operate or have supply chains in oppressive regimes to minimise risks, and also ensure that their investments are not supporting the oppressive regime.


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Anne-Marie Williams Investor Engagement Manager

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