Renewable Electricity

Around half of all the world’s electricity is used by the private sector.

What if the private sector committed to renewable electricity? What if global companies sparked the energy revolution? We can make that happen.

We coordinate large investors, such as our pension funds, to encourage the world’s biggest companies to switch to 100% renewable electricity.

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Ask your pension fund if it will encourage the companies it invests your savings in to transition to 100% renewable electricity.

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Campaign resources

Investor Engagement on RE100

The briefing by ShareAction and supported by The Climate Group’s RE100 initiative outlines the reasons for investors to engage and encourage investee companies to transition to 100% renewable electricity.


Mission: AGM Activism

Welcome to ShareAction’s AGM Activism toolkit. ShareAction supports ordinary people to attend annual general meetings (AGMs). This guide will enable you to use shareholder rights to create corporate change.


Opportunities for collaborative investor engagement

This briefing is an overview of the opportunities for investors to collaborate on responsible investment issues. The specific opportunities include campaigns on climate change, sustainable protein, labour standards and digital rights.


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