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Companies and investors should be thinking about biodiversity

Environmental issues such as climate change and pollution have been given increasing attention in the world of business over the last decade, yet issues surrounding biodiversity have received little focus in comparison. The 2nd Global Business of Biodiversity Symposium was held on 28th November 2011 in London, with the title "Protecting the bottom line...Naturally!" in an attempt to address this.

The conference brought together companies, consultants, NGOs and environmental policy-makers from across the globe to debate integration of biodiversity and ecosystem services into business considerations, and the opportunity for creating markets in these areas.

Occupy London

The Occupy movement, that has swept the globe in recent months, has been a wake up call to the financial world. No longer can the institutions of The City of London and other global financial centres operate without the close analysis of the public.

FairPensions, though not a part of the occupations in London, certainly understand the frustrations of the protestors. Though we come across a great deal of good, honest people in the city we can certainly sympathise with the occupiers when they criticise the financial world for being opaque and elusive. We agree that something must be done to transform finance into a force for good.

Review – Spills and Spin: The Inside Story of BP

On 20 April 2010, BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig caught fire and sank, killing 11 men. It was the start of the biggest environmental disaster in US history, one that would devastate the Gulf coastline and almost ruin BP as a company. Tom Bergin's new book, ‘Spills and Spin: The Inside Story of BP', chronicles the road to the disaster from the start of John Browne's tenure as CEO in 1995 - and tells the equally compelling story of the company's response. It should be required reading for all investors, and indeed for anyone with a passing interest in the murky world of Big Oil.

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