About us

We exist to make investment a force for good. Our vision is of an investment system that truly serves savers and communities, and protects our environment for the long term.

We’re working towards a system in which long-term thinking is recognised as the best way to guarantee healthy returns. We believe that anyone can play a part in changing the investment system for good.

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Our story

We’re a charity that has spent the last ten years building the movement for responsible investment. We’re now taking the movement worldwide, to transform the investment system and unlock its potential to be a force for good.

Why we do what we do

Money makes the world go round.

£50 trillion of it is invested in the companies that we buy from, that employ us, and that shape the world we live in.

A lot of this money belongs to ordinary people and we all have a stake in the way that it is spent.

But; many of the decisions on how it is invested are made behind closed doors.

We believe that the investment system can be a force for good. But only if these decisions are made openly and with more than short term profit in mind.

Our theory of change

A dynamic movement of people committed to change, both those working inside and those outside the investment system, is a pre-requisite for progress towards a truly responsible investment system.

Our movement can demand reform in the ways large investors make decisions and account for them. This in turn helps to unlock more enlightened stewardship of underlying companies. ShareAction’s demand for a legal framework that give savers rights to information about where and how their assets are invested is designed to achieve a virtuous circle in which people can see what happens and become more engaged with the workings of the investment system.

All of the above is essential if we are to unlock the immense power vested in the capital markets so that companies operate sustainably and responsibly, delivering goods and services that improve living standards for all whilst helping to address the pressing social and environmental challenges we face.

Our history

ShareAction grew out of a campaign by People & Planet that helped Britain’s largest single pension scheme adopt a responsible investment policy.

Civil Society helped us set up as FairPensions. We made our name ranking big UK pension funds on responsible investment.

Over time, we added more strings to our bow. We’ve called for change on important issues. We’ve shaped public policy. And we’ve built a diverse movement of savers and investors.

We’ve done a huge amount, but there’s a long way to go. Join the movement and help us transform the investment system.

Our team

Meet our dynamic and dedicated team working to make the investment system a force for good. They are overseen by a Board of Trustees. Our interns are paid a London Living Wage.


Clare Hierons Chief Operating Officer

Pamela Coleman Finance Manager

Amy Webster Office Coordinator & Assistant to the Chief Executive

Communications & Fundraising

Deborah Ball Head of Communications & Fundraising

Colette G. St-Onge Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Beau O’Sullivan Communications Manager

Emma Alken Communications & Fundraising Assistant


Nitin Sukh Head of Campaigns & Advocacy

Clare Richards Programme Manager - Good Work

Sonia Hierzig Campaigns Manager

Sophia McNab Senior Campaigns Officer

Mara Lilley Senior Campaigns Officer

Jeanne Martin Senior Campaigns Officer

Michael Chaitow Senior Campaigns Officer

Vaidehee Sachdev Senior Research Officer

James Coldwell Investor Engagement Officer


Toby Belsom Head of Research

Jamie Audsley Head of Education & Organising

Anne-Marie Williams Investor Engagement Manager

Friederike Hanisch Network Manager - Europe

Nicola Cullen Network Manager - CRIN

Lauren Peacock Campaign Organiser

Jessica Clark Campaigns Organiser

Sunniva Gautvik European Network Assistant

Policy & Research

Bethan Livesey Head of Policy

Rachel Haworth Policy Officer

Pavel Kirjanas Project Officer - AODP

Felix Nagrawala Research Analyst - AODP

Board of Trustees


ShareAction has a small team of skilled individuals committed to promoting responsible investment. Joining our team gives you the opportunity to work in a friendly, dynamic environment, where initiative and flexibility are valued.

Our core staff team typically works with interns, paid a London Living Wage, who assist with general and specific projects.

ShareAction is committed to promoting responsible investment throughout all sectors of society, understanding that the investment industry affects everyone. We welcome anyone who shares our enthusiasm for responsible investment – whether they have experience in the investment system or not. We particularly encourage applications from women, people from ethnic minority backgrounds, people with disabilities and other protected characteristics in underrepresented areas of work. We are happy to make reasonable adjustments to enable disabled candidates to show their suitability for any role.

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Our Governance

ShareAction is a UK registered charity (1117244) and company limited by guarantee (5013662). We are governed by diverse board of trustees. Our Board is held to account by our member organisations.

Our resources

Annual Review 2016

Welcome to our annual review for 2016. Our mission is to unleash the positive potential of the investment system. This year at ShareAction we’ve witnessed repeatedly the power that comes from aligning allies inside the investment system with advocates for change who operate outside it.


Strategic framework 2016-2021

ShareAction exists to catalyse an investment system that truly serves savers, benefits communities and protects our environment for the long term. In 2015 we became ten years old. This document sets out our ambitions and approach for the period to 2021.


Past annual reviews

Our member organisations

Ethical fundraising policy

ShareAction will not seek or accept funds from listed companies or from any for-profit investment firms.

We will sometimes accept, and are grateful for, support in kind from commercial entities in the form of venues for events. This form of support will be accepted only where it clearly furthers the charitable aims of the organisation (for example hosting a training or seminar on responsible investment).

All funding received by the organisation, including in-kind support, will be publicly disclosed on our website. With the informed consent of the donor, we will also disclose on our website any individual donation over £2500.

We welcome not-for-profit asset owners becoming paying members of investor networks that work collaboratively on responsible investment projects and are serviced by ShareAction. The sole purpose of such networks is to improve those investors’ performance and impacts as responsible investors. For the avoidance of doubt, membership of ShareAction is only open to not-for-profit civil society organisations. These members have voting rights and elect the board of trustees.

Our policy on ethical funding does not preclude ShareAction from receiving fees for conferences or specialized training.

This policy and its implementation is subject to trustee oversight and will be reviewed annually by the board of trustees’ Governance and Risk Committee.

Governance resources

Memorandum and articles

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Reports and accounts

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