The Workforce Disclosure Initiative (WDI) brings investors together to encourage companies to disclose information on how they manage workers in their operations and supply chains. Scroll down to view the webinars.


Upcoming sessions:

Thursday 22 October, 15:00-16:00 BST – The WDI 2020 survey: success in supply chain reporting

The WDI Research Manager will talk through the supply chain parts of the 2020 survey that we know can be challenging, including top tips and advice on how to fill out the questions.

Thursday 29 October, 8:00-9:00 BST – The WDI 2020 survey: progressing direct operations reporting

The WDI Research Manager will talk through the supply chain parts of the 2020 survey that we know can be challenging, including top tips and advice on how to fill out the questions.

Past sessions:

The 2020 Workforce Transparency Awards: introduction and methodology

Charlotte Lush, the WDI Research Manager, and other members of the WDI company engagement team reveal the criteria for the awards that will be given based on data submitted in companies’ WDI 2020 responses.

CCLA & WDI co-hosted workshop: ‘Modern Slavery: towards effective action’

View the slides here from the workshop which was under Chatham House rules. In the session, we heard from Andrew Adams, Modern Slavery Project Lead at CCLA and independent supply chain consultant Henrietta Lake, who has over twenty years’ experience working with brands on modern slavery, sustainability and stakeholder engagement.

2020 survey, top tips for taking part & intro to the online reporting platform

The WDI team talks through the survey, FAQs and top tips for taking part, as well as doing a walk-through of the online reporting platform, where all the data needs to be entered.

A Just Transition: the integration of ‘E’ & ‘S’

In this instalment of the WDI 2020 webinar series, we discussed and deconstructed the concept of a ‘Just Transition’ and what it means for investors and companies with Anthony Toppi, Senior Manager Company Network at Ceres and Alison Tate, Director of Economic and Social Policy, ITUC.

Please note the beginning of the video is truncated as we forgot to press record at the start of the session

How companies are reacting to the Covid-19 pandemic: in discussion with H&M and Unilever

Annie Wu, Global Diversity Manager at H&M, and Leena Nair, Chief Human Resources Officer at Unilever, discuss with Rosie Mackenzie, WDI’s Company Engagement Manager, how their organisations are handling the circumstances brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19: A business and human rights perspective

ShareAction’s Good Work Advocacy team and the Workforce Disclosure Initiative talk to representatives from Just Capital, BMO Global Asset Management and Trust for London about what the current crisis means for business and workers.


Investor signatories Castlefield UK and Edentree Asset Management explain what ESG trends matter to them in 2020. 



This introductory video outlines the WDI and explains its relevance to your business.


This video is designed for companies reporting via the WDI for the first time, giving them background information on the WDI and practical steps for completing the online survey.


This video is designed for companies who are familiar with the WDI survey and want to understand changes introduced into the 2019 survey.


This webinar outlines our top tips on how to respond as well as an introduction to the 2019 ‘Good Practice Guide’ which will contain some of the best answers from 2018. 


In the final webinar of 2019, investors make the case for disclosure and explain how they are increasingly using WDI data. 

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