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Sustainable Development Goal 8 calls for ‘decent work for all’ by 2030. With millions of workers across their operations and supply chains, multinational companies have a vital part to play in achieving this goal, and there are growing calls for them to take action.

Key to this is transparency and by reporting through the Workforce Disclosure Initiative (WDI) companies can get ahead of the curve by demonstrating to their investors, clients and other stakeholders that they are effectively managing their staff and supply chain workers. In 2020, 141 global companies took part in the Initiative, demonstrating their commitment to transparency – a 20 per cent increase on 2019.

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Why disclose to the WDI

Effectively showcase how you are managing your workforce to investors via a single, easy-to-use reporting platform;

Demonstrate your leadership on workforce issues to a range of stakeholders, including civil society, governments and regulators;

Demonstrate that workers’ rights are at the centre of your business, and attract new potential employees and customers;

Receive a tailored Disclosure Scorecard which allows you to benchmark yourself against your peers;

Participate in a series of year-round workshops and webinars covering key workforce issues, featuring investors, trade unions and subject matter experts;

Link up teams internally, stimulating detailed and constructive conversations on workforce topics within your organisation;

Build resilience and increase profitability by using the data collected to improve workforce conditions across your business.

ESG investing has gone mainstream. Investor appetite for ESG data is growing, and for social data in particular. We want to access reliable, relevant and comparable data on companies’ workforce, their suppliers and sub-contractors, and the WDI offers a great opportunity for us to access this data.

Sophie Deleuze

Senior SRI Analyst, Engagement Specialist, Candriam

WDI 2021 Resources

Below we have a number of resources to make your disclosure journey simple. We can also provide an excel version of the survey questions for 2021. If you would like this, please email

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We're doing a series of deep dives into a number of key topics which should be considered by any responsible company.

Requested companies 2017-2020

Below is a dynamic list of all the companies the WDI signatories have requested take part in the project, each year from 2017 with their corresponding response status. Companies are selected based on a combination of:

  • Market capitalisation
  • Significance of the company (in terms of sector, local market and scale)
  • As well as those of specific interest to the WDI investor group

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