Shareholder Resolutions Tracker


Shareholder resolutions are a powerful tool for investors. They make clear asks of companies, lay out what investors expect of them, and can be used to hold a company to account. Voting on resolutions is one of the primary means by which shareholders can exert influence over their investee companies and exercise stewardship.

ShareAction’s Resolution Tracker brings together a number of vital global shareholder resolutions, as well as resolutions filed at European countries, in one place. It is aimed to be an informational tool for investors and others to identify the companies facing environmental and social resolutions in 2021. 

Our ‘Resolutions to Watch’ list (marked with a star in the below table) highlights key shareholder resolutions that we think should be a priority for investors in the 2021 AGM season. Resolutions were selected based on how ambitious and impactful the resolution is, whilst aiming to achieve a broad spread across resolution topics and sectors. 

We urge asset manager to vote FOR these shareholder resolutions, publicly pre-declare your voting intention, and publish a rationale for any deviations in voting outcomes. We urge asset owners to ask your asset manager to do the same, and to use this list to challenge and evaluate your asset manager on their voting decisions. 

While our ‘Resolutions to Watch’ list identifies specific resolutions for support, we do support many of the other resolutions listed in the table below and expect asset managers and asset owners to vote FOR resolutions which support ambitious environmental and social progress.

The Resolutions Tracker was published on 25 March 2021. We aim to update the tracker regularly and will add new resolutions as they are announced. Last updated: 12 April 2021. 

Download the ‘Resolutions to Watch’ list here. For more information contact

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