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To make the investment system a force for good, its rules, incentives and governance must be changed.

Since 2005 our independent, expert policy and research work has formed the backbone of our movement. We influence the policy debate and drive change in the UK and EU and we promote best practice within the investment industry itself.

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Our annual surveys rank big pension providers or asset managers on responsible investment. Our reports investigate how to tackle some of the big, complex problems in our pension and investment system.

Our latest surveys & rankings

Banking on a Low-Carbon Future: A Ranking of the 15 Largest European Banks Response to Climate Change

7 December 2017

This is a ranking of the 15 largest European banks’ responses to climate change and includes recommendations for institutional investors, policymakers, and regulators to mitigate climate risks.


Banking on a Low-Carbon Future: Accompanying Document with Individual Scorecards

7 December 2017

This accompanying document to the ranking of the 15 largest European banks’ responses to climate change contains recommendations for each bank surveyed and scorecards displaying their performance.


Lifting the Lid: Responsible Investment Performance of European Asset Managers 2017

13 March 2017

All but one of 40 European asset managers surveyed claim to be responsible stewards of owners’ assets, but looking below the surface – are they really performing well on responsible investment and transparency?


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Our latest reports

Who Watches the Watchers? Transparency and Accountability in Workplace Personal Pensions

17 February 2018

This report ranks how effectively and transparently the independent governance committees (IGCs) of 16 large UK contract-based pension schemes reported in 2017 on their work protecting the interests of scheme members.


Strategy, Free Cash Flow, and Climate Uncertainty: Where Now for the Integrated Oil Sector?

7 February 2018

New research suggests shareholders should be requesting cash returns from outperforming oil and gas companies, instead of seeing it invested into economically unsound growth during a period of disruptive change.


Two Years After ‘Aiming for A’: Where Are We Now? – Royal Dutch Shell Plc

26 October 2017

This report discusses Royal Dutch Shell Plc’s response to the 2015 shareholder resolution on climate disclosure co-filed by ShareAction and outlines how investors might respond ahead of the company’s 2018 AGM.


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We provide practical recommendations to promote responsible investment and a pension system that works in savers’ best interests. Our responses to public consultations, position papers and Manifesto for Responsible Investment can be found below.

Our latest policy briefings & resources

Human Rights and Finance: What Next for European Union Policy?

8 March 2018

This report follows an event we co-organised on human rights and finance at the European Parliament. In it, we share key outcomes from the event on how best to bring visibility to this crucial agenda.


NGO Recommendations for the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan

8 March 2018

ShareAction and our European policy partners put together an updated anthology of our recommendations for the Commission’s work on sustainable finance, presented in March at the European Parliament.


Civil Society Response to the Final Report of the High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance

20 February 2018

This briefing is a unified response by a number of European civil society organisations, including ShareAction, to the ambitions and omissions in the recommendations of the High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance.


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Our latest consultation submissions

Response to EC Public Consultation on Institutional Investors and Asset Managers’ Duties Regarding Sustainability

6 February 2018

ShareAction has responded to the European Commission’s consultation. We have emphasised that ESG factors and consideration of beneficiaries’ interests constitute a central component of the proper discharging of investors’ duties.


Response to DWP Consultation on Occupational Pensions: Improving Disclosure of Costs, Charges and Investments

20 December 2017

The DWP consulted on proposals to guarantee pension savers the rights to  information about costs and charges incurred by their scheme, and where their money is being invested.


Response to ESMA’s Consultation on Certain Aspects of the MiFID II Suitability Requirements

17 October 2017

In this consultation response to the European Securities and Markets Authority, ShareAction argues for the inclusion of the non-financial interests of retail investors in how advisers go about ascertaining the interests of their clients.


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