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WDI 2022: Trends and Insights


For the sixth consecutive year, ShareAction’s survey of the world’s leading companies has forensically revealed the trends of how these companies respond to the needs of their workforces and supply chains.

The Workforce Data Initiative (WDI) is the most comprehensive and respected data set globally. This year’s report received responses from over 160 companies with a combined net worth of over $10 trillion.

In 2022, 167 compnies responded to the investor request for data through the WDI.

Those companies had a combined market capitalisation of US$10 trillion and represent some 12.5 million direct employees, as well as many more in supply chains.

For the sixth year in a row, we saw all 11 economic sectors report to the WDI.

Financials, Consumer Discretionary and Industrials companies continue to respond in the greatest numbers.

Submissions came from 24 countries.

European companies continued to make up the majority of responders, but response rates from regions across the world remained consistent.

As companies' approaches to workforce reporting mature, we are also seeing a rise in the amount of data provided.

While first time responders complete, on average, 54 per cent of the survey, this jumpes to 77 per cent for sixth time responders.

Companies are making more data public than ever before.

On average, more than four fifths of the survey was disclosed publicly in 2022, a significant increase from 2021.