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The Engagement Deficit: Ranking Auto-enrolment Pension Providers on Responsible Investment and Member Engagement & Communications

9 June 2018

This report ranks the 10 largest UK auto-enrolment pension providers on responsible investment as well as member engagement following on our Pensions for the Next Generation (March 2018) report.


Got It Covered? Insurance in a Changing Climate

24 May 2018

This report assesses the insurance sector response to the recommendations of the TCFD and features an index of the world’s 80 largest insurers rated on their approach to climate-related risks and opportunities.


Who Watches the Watchers? Transparency and Accountability in Workplace Personal Pensions

17 February 2018

This report ranks how effectively and transparently the independent governance committees (IGCs) of 16 large UK contract-based pension schemes reported in 2017 on their work protecting the interests of scheme members.


Strategy, Free Cash Flow, and Climate Uncertainty: Where Now for the Integrated Oil Sector?

7 February 2018

New research suggests shareholders should be requesting cash returns from outperforming oil and gas companies, instead of seeing it invested into economically unsound growth during a period of disruptive change.


Two Years After ‘Aiming for A’: Where Are We Now? – Royal Dutch Shell Plc

26 October 2017

This report discusses Royal Dutch Shell Plc’s response to the 2015 shareholder resolution on climate disclosure co-filed by ShareAction and outlines how investors might respond ahead of the company’s 2018 AGM.


Two Years After ‘Aiming for A’: Where Are We Now? – BP Plc

26 October 2017

This report discusses BP Plc’s response to the 2015 shareholder resolution on climate disclosure co-filed by ShareAction and outlines how investors might respond ahead of the company’s 2018 AGM.


Warming Up: A Spotlight on Institutional Investors Voting Patterns on Key US Climate Change Resolutions in 2017

2 October 2017

New analysis looks at how votes were cast during the 2017 US AGM season by the largest 30 shareholders in seven high-carbon companies on shareholder resolutions addressing climate-related risk management.


A guide to shareholder rights across six European countries

22 March 2017

To support shareholder activism across Europe, ShareAction has compiled an overview of shareholder rights in six different countries: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK.


The Restaurant Sector and Antibiotic Risk: Progress Report, 2017

20 March 2017

This report explores how, one year on, restaurants and fast food chains are responding to a $2 trillion investor engagement on reducing the use of medically important antibiotics in livestock.


Banking on a Low Carbon Future: An Investor Guide for Engaging with Banks on Climate Change

21 February 2017

This report highlights why the banking sector is key for climate-related investor engagement and provides guidelines on the key issues investors might want to focus on to ensure that banks support the low carbon transition.


Brexit: an opportunity to create a more sustainable financial system and Capital Markets Union? Event Background Paper

7 November 2016

ShareAction commissioned this report from Dr Ian Williams to set out the key issues that Brexit poses for the sustainable finance agenda, and what relationship the UK’s financial service industry could have with the EU post-Brexit


A Sustainable Finance Plan for the EU

1 November 2016

This report from a consortium of 15 leading sustainable finance organisations including ShareAction sets out a plan for how to tackle Europe’s green investment crisis with clear recommendations to EU policymakers.


The hot debate on climate risk and pension investments: Does practice stack up against the law?

8 September 2016

How does pension industry practice on climate risk stack up against legal investment duties? This report explores how far pension funds are considering climate risk in their investments and what more still needs to be done.


Improving the quality of work in the UK’s private sector: Evaluating the potential for investor-led strategies

18 August 2016

This report examines the potential for a strategy to reduce poverty in the UK which activates institutional investors on the problem of low-paid, precarious and exploitative employment in the private sector.


A post-Paris overview and analysis of Shell’s climate reporting

20 May 2016

This report overviews the enhanced climate reporting provided by Shell following the 2015 shareholder resolutions. It identifies areas where progress is needed for consistency with the Paris target.


A post-Paris overview and analysis of BP’s climate reporting

19 April 2016

This report overviews the enhanced climate reporting provided by BP following the 2015 shareholder resolutions. It identifies areas where progress is needed for consistency with the Paris target.


The Restaurant Sector and Antibiotic Risk

13 April 2016

Report on the risks related to the overuse use of antibiotics in the restaurant sector. It overviews the policies of ten restaurant and fast-food chains; providing recommendations to improve current practice.


Transforming Our World Through Investment: An introductory study of institutional investors’ role in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

21 March 2016

This study examines how institutional investors across the world are beginning to interact with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), identifies key barriers and provides recommendations on how these can be overcome.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulations: the automakers disclose to investors

15 February 2016

This report analyses the responses of leading automotive manufacturers on issues related to greenhouse gas emissions standards in the US and the EU. This initiative supported by investors with over $1 trillion AUM.


Realigning Interests, Reducing Regulation: A vision for reforming UK workplace pensions

1 July 2015

This report looks at the rules and incentives that govern UK workplace pensions. With the aim of getting the best result for savers, we use evidence from abroad to present a vision for change.


Your Money, Your Mission: Creating a responsible investment policy for your foundation

1 November 2014

This guide is designed to help foundations and charities invest in a way which supports their wider mission. It explains how to write a responsible investment policy and why this is important.


Perspectives, Policies & Problems: Pensions funds on climate change in their own words

1 March 2014

This report examines the thinking on climate change in the pension sector in mid-2013. The evidence suggests many funds are not assessing and managing the risks posed by climate change.


Our Money, Our Business

1 December 2013

This report outlines the steps needed to give ordinary savers a voice in how their pension savings are invested. We argue these steps will make the sector more efficient.


The Green Light Campaign: Using pension power to protect our planet

29 October 2013

This report outlines how pension power can tackle climate change. We set out 5 demands for pension funds. These demands will help them ensure the long-term health of the planet and our pension pots.


The Green Light Report: Resilient portfolios in an uncertain world

29 October 2013

The report aims to assist pension funds by guiding them through the financial implications of climate change and the steps they can take in light of the risks and opportunities it presents.


The Missing Link: Lessons from the ‘Shareholder Spring’

1 November 2012

The report examines the evidence about the so-called ‘Shareholder Spring’ – the wave of shareholder rebellions on executive pay in 2012. We analyse voting information, submissions to government consultations and investment providers’ responses to emails sent by savers as part of our ‘Your Say on Pay’ initiative.

The report concludes that there has not been a fundamental shift in shareholder attitudes to engagement, and that attention must now shift from the relationship between directors and shareholders onto the relationship between institutional investors and the people whose money they manage.


The Enlightened Shareholder: Clarifying investors’ fiduciary duties

14 March 2012

The report calls for statutory clarification of investors’ fiduciary duties, and illustrates how this could be achieved with draft legislation.

The report builds on 2011’s ‘Protecting our Best Interests’ and on further discussions with experts within and outside industry.


Whose Duty? Ensuring effective stewardship in contract-based pensions

1 January 2012

The report explores the governance and accountability of contract-based pension providers, such as insurance companies.

These providers already look after millions of people’s savings, and are expected to take on millions more as employers begin automatically enrolling their staff into pension schemes under government reforms. Our analysis suggests that nobody in the chain of decision-makers responsible for these savers’ money has a clear obligation or interest in protecting savers’ interests.


Protecting Our Best Interests

1 March 2011

The report on investors’ legal obligations to the people whose money they manage and consequent recommendations is the outcome of a year-long research process, including a series of expert seminars.



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