Today a group of investors, led by the Australasian Center for Corporate Responsibility, have filed a shareholder resolution at mining company BHP asking it to cut ties with trade associations which lobby against the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

In response, Jeanne Martin, Senior Campaigns Officer at ShareAction, says: “Investors have today upped the bar for what should be expected of companies that stand in the way of ambitious climate action – either directly or via their trade associations.

“Their unprecedented resolution sends a strong message to the Australian lobby powerhouse that investors do not want to see them continue to obstruct climate legislation and skew the climate debate.

“It should act as a warning sign to mining giants AngloAmerican, Rio Tinto and Glencore, three of BHP’s direct competitors and members of similar trade associations, that investors will not tolerate further obstruction of the implementation of sensible climate policy and will not shy away from escalating their engagement with companies.”

The resolution is being co-filed with:

  • Vision Super (Australia)
  • MP Investments (Denmark)
  • Church of England Pensions Board (UK)
  • ACTIAM (Netherlands)
  • Grok Ventures (Australia)

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