European Responsible Investment Network

Our European network brings together 36 organisations across 12 countries with a shared commitment to advocating for a sustainable investment system. The network offers a collaborative approach to capital markets campaigning, working together to form a strong counter-narrative to the financial lobby, and encouraging investors to improve their investment practices. 

By being part of the network, members can share knowledge, develop joint projects, and work together to champion sustainable and responsible investment in Europe. 

What we do

Capacity building and knowledge sharing 

  • Members share information and skills in capital markets campaigning and advocacy;  
  • Members work together to build the movement for sustainable finance, welcoming that different members and other civil society organisations play different roles in delivering our vision;  
  • Members collaborate, through working groups, to build the evidence for sustainable finance. This year, working groups are focused on defining Paris-aligned portfolios and building investor support for mandatory human rights due diligence legislation. 

Campaigning and investor engagement

  • Members support each other by providing practical support for campaigning across borders, and combine tactics when useful;  
  • Members develop joint campaigns and actions;  
  • Members collaborate on shareholder activism, particularly AGM interventions.

Policy advocacy  

  • Members share information on advocacy opportunities, and enable coordinated civil society responses on policy;  
  • Members learn from other countries’ best practice in policy;  
  • Members collaborate to build policy-makers’ knowledge on sustainable finance.


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Campaign resources

A guide to shareholder rights across six European countries

To support shareholder activism across Europe, ShareAction has compiled an overview of shareholder rights in six different countries: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK.


Case Study: Schyssta Pensioner – the Swedish campaign for fair pensions

Since 2012 a coalition of Swedish civil society organisations has campaigned for better sustainability rules for Swedish state pension funds, aiming to ensure that the institutions invest in a socially and environmentally responsible way.


Case Study: Successful shareholder resolutions force BP and Shell to give climate change a #SeatAtTheTable

Shareholder resolutions, co-ordinated by the ‘Aiming for A’ investor coalition, with support from ShareAction and ClientEarth, got the overwhelming support of shareholders in 2015, mandating the energy giants to disclose their businesses’ risks against climate change


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Sunniva Silseth Gautvik

Sunniva Silseth Gautvik

Manager - European Civil Society Networks