Workforce Disclosure Initiative

There are too many poor quality and precarious jobs around the world. The United Nations recognised this in the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 8 calls for ‘decent work for all’. Multinational companies that rely on global supply chains have a key role to play in meeting this goal. Importantly, it’s been shown that both companies and workers can benefit from creating better quality jobs.

As shareholders of these companies, investors are well placed to make a difference. The Workforce Disclosure Initiative mobilises these investors to push for better jobs. The first step is to make sure companies disclose comparable workforce information.

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Programme Briefing: Good work

Our Good Work programme includes the Living Wage campaign and the newly launched Workforce Disclosure Initiative. This programme focuses on improving working standards for workers in the UK and in global supply chains. This briefing outlines how you can help out.


Introduction to the Workforce Disclosure Initiative

The Workforce Disclosure Initiative is a new programme which brings together institutional investors behind a call for comparable workforce reporting by publicly listed companies on their global operations and supply chains.


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